May 8, 1945

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May 8, 1945




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May 8, 1945

VE Day

Dearest Geraldine,

My little morale builder. Thank you for the nice letter I received this afternoon. You always make me feel good hon - hope my letters cheer you up a bit too. Don't worry about missing noites writing to me, for I realise you have more to do than I have, here in bed. Just write as often as you can.

This of course is VE day. The announcement, yesterday, of Germany's surrender didn't cause much excitement here, partly because we've been expecting it and partly because we know it isn't over for us yet. However, it was happy news and brings the end that much closer, for which we are very thankful.

Now I have a bone to pick with you honey. In your letter you say, "My morale will never go down again, I promise you. There is only one little thing." This little thing is what I want to pick the bone with you about because you don't tell me what it is that makes you feel bad. Damn hon, you should be able to tell me! When you worry, I worry, so come clean unless it's too personal. Frankie tells me her troubles, now why don't you? Don't mind me little one, I won't mind if you don't tell me, but I wish you would at least when I'm with you again. If anyone's been bothering you there'll be a new patient admitted to the hospital when I get there.

I think I'll have to give your mom a big hug when I get back. It's swell that she feel like she does about us. That means a lot, for I know how a reverse opinion would be. My folks were against my sister's marriage & it caused much unhappiness on both sides. I know it would worry you if she felt otherwise, so three cheers for mom! and my thanks! I know she has a very wonderful daughter in fact, there's only one of her in this world and this Joe is devoting his life to make her happy, if he can.

That's a good idea you have hon, about wishing you could be walking down a nice lane some place and have me come along. It sure would be perfect, just the two of us. I'll meet you anywhere you say little one - if you know such a place. I could call you when I arrive & then we could both head for it. Regardless of where we meet hon, you'll find yourself getting the biggest hug and kiss you ever had - audience or not. Don't forget, I'll probably need some support myself, so don't shake too much, please. As for what you should wear, you'll look good to me in anything - you always did, always will. You know, you have a way of wearing clothes which few women possess.

I like the idea of a scrapbook of us. Let me know when you get it started. It should be a very interesting book alright. We'll make sure it's pages contain a happy story too. Where are you going to start from hon - our engagement or before?

Forget about competition from anyone Gerrie. It will be they more than you who will have competition. You come first with me.

Now hon, although I hope we don't have to wait another year to see each other. I'll send your thought right back to you - as long as it's you even ten yrs. wouldn't be too long to wait. Take good care of yourself darling please, and know that I am

Always, with all my love,



P.S. I had the same idea about a mustache - that you'd feel that way.






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