May 6, 1945, #2

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May 6, 1945, #2




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May 6, 1945

Dearest Geraldine,

Here I am again hon. I probably won't get far for the next half hour because Jack Benny's program has just come on the radio. It will be nice when I can spend evenings such as this one, with you. I'd like to be walking along a shaded path or by the lake now. Evening is a beautiful time out in the country, everything becomes hushed as the light changes to dusk, then to darkness. Remember how it was in Muskoka. I think we'll have to go there for our honeymoon, if it pleases you little one. That is an ideal place for such a special occasion - don't you agree? We'll have lots of time to talk this over, I know, but I like to talk about it now.

I've had a little interruption hon, a couple of fellows from the train came in to see me and brought a whole pie. We'll knock it off after lights out. The cooking on the train was the closest to home cooking I've had in the army.

Next day - After lights out last nite, five of us finished off the pie. It [was] apple and very delicious. We ate it while listening to Guy Lombardo. He played one of my favourite tunes 'Let's Take the Long Way Home.'

It's a damp, chilly day here today. The nurse is going to wash my mop of hair this afternoon so I'll have to see that I don't get a cold and have extra time added onto my stay here. It really needs a good washing and I expect it will feel and look much better after.

Here's something for you to think about little one. Which do you prefer, a gold or silver ring? You should pretty well know what you want after seeing so many on your friends.

Apparently this is going to be a short letter as the nurse is getting ready to go to work on me so I'll sign off now, hoping you are well. Don't work too hard!

All my love,









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