May 6, 1945, #1

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May 6, 1945, #1




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May 6, 1945

Dearest Geraldine,

Well hon, how are you to-day - fine I hope. It's been a very dreary scene through the windows to-day, rain and more rain. There's been sunshine here by my bed though - your sweet smile in the two snaps I have on my bedside table produced it. No foolin'!

With a little luck, I should get out of here in a couple of weeks now. I may miss a couple of days writing then, little one, but it won't be because I'm off the beam - just that I can't get the time for no doubt I'll be pretty busy getting things straightened out again.

We have a young married fellow in here who is more fun than a picnic. He keeps us and the nurses laughing most of the time. Last night, he was telling me about his courtship; he sure had some time! He's twenty-five now and has been married three years, less than six months of which he has been with his wife. He has about twenty-six months overseas and over four years in the army, yet he's one of the happiest guys I ever saw. Most fellows who have been in that long are just about dragging around, which just proves that there is no need for going around with a long face like some guys do. He says when he gets home he's going to have lots of fun, but only with his wife - the two of them to-gether. I think the couples who have stayed to-gether through all this separation will find that it has payed dividends in a happier life. A guy that's been in the army will really appreciate home when he gets there & after all the orders he's taken, a few from the wife won't trouble him at all.

Interesting letter so far isn't it. I'll see if I can do a little better. I seem to fo best when I talk about us, perhaps because it's my favourite subject.

I haven't been writing for the last fifteen minutes hon, I've been thinking of you - how you'll look and what we'll do when we first meet. Bob Barton, the fellow who cheers me up, told me what happened to him when he got home after sixteen months in Africa. He says you're going to cry and laugh at the same time and neither of us will be able to say a word for awhile - just stay in each others arms. How right do you think he is? He's willing to bet his last buck that this will happen, as it happened to him. He said he was so happy he couldn't say a word. I believe that it will happen just about that way.

Good morning honey! You see I always write your letters over two days. I start in the evening, sleep on it and then finish up the next morning. I should say I always do this, but generally that is the case. You still get one a day and I can think of more to say.

We just finished listening to a half hour church program from a little town in Texas. The first Sunday I'm back I want to go to church with you so I can give thanks for being home, and for you hon. Maybe we can have communion too. If it's a nice day we can go on a picnic in the afternoon and spend the whole day to-gether. Is it a date little one? Some guy on the radio just sang 'You're So Sweet To Remember'. That song title fits you to a tee. It's a good job you don't know all the fellows in here or I would have a tough job getting the time to see you.

That new outfit you have sounds terrific - the pink one with black figure pattern is what I'm talking about. I'll bet you look like a regular glamour girl in it. I hope you don't dress up too much to meet me hon, because I'd rather see you that time more as I remember you. We GI's aren't used to glamour after being over here so long. There's been no glamour in what we've seen so we'll have to get used to that gradually. This is only a suggestion - all the guys feel the same way. It seems to me I read an article by Dottie Dix on this subject so you probably already know about it.

Well hon, no doubt I've held forth long enough for one letter so a fond adieu is coming your way. Don't work too hard and take good care of yourself.

All my love,




P.S. How old is Margaret? The nurses judged her for between 30 & 40. No offence, I hope, but I cut her off snap you sent.






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