May 4, 1945

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May 4, 1945




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May 4, 1945

Dearest Geraldine,

Well hon, here I am again - on my tenth week now. Everything is about the same so I'm just going to write about the future & us. What better subject is there anyway?

I received two more letters from you to-day, one written April 8, the other on the 29th. There's just no figuring the mail situation is there. To date, I received forty letters from you while here. I'll never be able to thank you for thinking of me so much hon and being such a wonderful girl. I'll just have to do my best to make you as happy as I want you to be - O.K.

I don't know on what subject to start this epistle, there are so many things we have to talk about now we're engaged. You know hon, I feel different somehow. I guess it's because I really have someone to fight for and look forward to being with. A free lance guy has no responsibilities, just himself - now I have you to think about. It's a good feeling too, believe me. One of the first things we'll have to do is get a ring on that finger of yours, providing you'll move that birthstone ring over. How about it? I can hardly wait for the chance, little one. I believe we're going to have more fun to-gether than most couples because we've had to wait so long and besides, I also believe we were meant for each other. The ups and downs we're had and still come out on top.

You'll find living in Buffalo much different from Sarn. I think you'll like it. This is a little premature perhaps in point of time, but that's where your new home will be so we may as well talk about it. There are many more things to do, of course. What will we do? Well we can go to any of the shows anytime of course. Then there are roller rinks, note clubs, hockey games, and the big college football games in the fall, etc. etc. I think you'll enjoy some of the performances which come to the auditoriums. Sonja Henie generally shows up with that Ice Show of hers to mention just one thing. A half hour drive to the Canadian Lake shore brings us to Crystal Beach, a huge amusement park. It can also be reached by boat from Buffalo. I'm looking forward to taking you on the Cyclone, a giant roller coaster - the largest in the world. We'll have to take the boat trip to Detroit. I understand D & C is building a new liner for this run. I made the trip with another fellow in the summer of 43. How I wished you were along. It was beautiful out on deck with all the stars overhead and only the lights of distant ships breaking the darkness. We spent most of the time down at the bar, however, you and I will spend the time alone together on deck. Gee, there are so many things we'll be able to do that I could fill this whole pad. The main point though will be that you are with me. I'll bet you never watched a logrolling contest - you will at the Sportsman's Show and lots more. Had enough for one nite hon!

I'm going to have to call it quite as it's about the time when they 'tuck' us in bed. I'll continue with another letter to-morrow hon. Until then I'll be dreaming of you sweetheart and loving you, as always, very, very much. Take good care of yourself dear and don't work too hard.

All my love to you hon,









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