May 3, 1945

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May 3, 1945




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May 3, 1945

Dearest Geraldine,

I received your letter of the 27th to-day, the one I've been waiting for. It came in five days which is something of a record for air mail.

You know hon, it's hard for me to put in words how I feel - happy hardly does it justice. You've paid me the highest compliment I ever received, little one, in wanting to chart your course with mine. I won't say anything further about this as I don't feel I can do it justice on paper. I'll save it for when I'm with you and can do the job right.

I guess I'm about the luckiest Joe in this man's army. It would be swell to be to-gether now alright but when we are now if you feel like using my shoulder for a few minutes myself. Boy, that first nite we have will be one I'll never forget.

I was sorry to hear the trouble you have when going swimming. The girl across the street from us back home has the same or a similar thing. I know she uses cream for washing her face and only goes to work about half the time.

I guess you know I was only kidding you about the pajamas. In my mind they look much neater, not to mention comfort, so stick to your guns by all means.

I don't know if I ever mentioned it, but I intended to mention the following - on the nite or day when I finally arrive, if you'll wear the outfit you have on in the snap you sent taken on the beach with Maggie (I'll bet she loves that name!!) it will suit me fine. In case you don't remember, it's a white blouse and a dark skirt - perhaps the skirt to your new green outfit. You can certainly wear those outfits well, in fact you look good in anything. I have a snap of you in pajamas too - I'll bet you don't remember sending it to me. Very nice!

Enclosed clipping thought you might like to see of your future home town. Tall building is city hall. Main downtown shopping section is in direction from which picture was taken. Arrow shows direction - north - in which we live - approximately six miles out, but still in town. I hope to live a little further out in what is known as Kenmore. I'll tell you more about the old town from time to time if you'd like to hear it. Let me know.

I know something you're going to like, namely, Niagara Falls. I don't mean just the falls, but the parks around there. On both the Canuck & American side the parkways extend several miles. No movie ever portrayed a more romantic setting than this on a warm, moonlit June nite, believe me. Like the song you can almost see 'Love in Bloom'. Paths wind in and out among the trees and bushed with the silver ribbon of the Niagara far below in the gorge. (Fancy sentence, aye what!) True though. There are secluded benches overlooking this scene and if you want to, you can walk right down into the gorge by the river. The sound of the water adds the finishing touch. It's really a beautiful scene hon, with you there, it will be complete.

Now dear, I'll regretfully close for this evening. Let's hope soon the time will come when we have no more closings or farewells. Loving you more each day, if possible, and hoping you are taking good care of yourself, I remain,

With all my love,

Always, your


P.S. Enclosed also last snap I had taken with the fellows.






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