May 2, 1945

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May 2, 1945




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May 2, 1945

Dearest Geraldine,

Well hon, yesterday they moved me out of my private room to the open ward - a sign that I'm almost O.K. again. I like it much better here for there are guys to talk to and the radio to listen to. Back in the room I could barely hear the radio.

We listened to the Hit Parade last nite. Old Lawrence Tibbit or however you spell it sang 'Don't Fence Me In'. I felt like throwing a brick at the radio! Even my sister could have sung it better and that's saying something. If he ever gets his contract to sing renewed I'll be very surprised. No wonder I've changed from Lucky Strikes to Chesterfields.

The Bob Hope show comes on at eight bells or twenty hundred hours to use army language. I'm looking forward to a few laughs.

Say hon, have you heard 'Let's Take the Long Way Home'? No doubt you have - how do you like it? I consider it one of the nicest songs ever written. Bing can really 'send you' with that as the bobby soxers would say.

I received three of your V-mail type letters yesterday. The come in the same length of time which regular air mail does - that is about eight days. In case you didn't know, you save an average of almost two hundred words in one of those. I've been writing our V-mails home and received a letter from the mater saying she was looking for a regular letter. You really can't write much on ours.

It's a rainy evening here, almost cold enough to snow. We had a movie in the ward this afternoon. I would have enjoyed listening to the radio more for it was a very old picture. The first time it was released was way back in 36 before we even met. I won't say what my opinion was because I do enough cussin as it is.

Did you give your O.K. to Alice's boyfriend? I certainly agree with you that she should know her own mind without having to ask others. No doubt she'll do what she wants to regardless of what anyone tells her anyway, but it seems to me, that tends to show that she isn't sure of herself. I never had to ask anyone about you hon - I was sure of myself or wouldn't have asked you. Still I always consider that a special case for a guy just couldn't help loving you - just because you're you. Guess you'll have to read between the lines on that one.

We have a major who is a patient in here. Last nite, he was showing me some card tricks. I learned a couple for the day when I'll be back and can mystify you. He was very good at them. We have another fellow in here who is quite a wizard too.

Enclosed is snap which the fellows brought over from train to-day. Now hon, I'll love you and leave you until to-morrow. Take good care of yourself and don't work too hard. Loving you always, I remain

With all my love,








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