April 29, 1945

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April 29, 1945




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April 29, 1945

Dearest Geraldine,

There's just no accounting for the weather over here. Yesterday it was cold and snowing, to-day is a sunny day warm enough to be out without any extra clothing. I'm lying in bed with my windows wide open and am almost too warm for comfort. A swell day for a long walk or picnic.

Everything is about the same at this end including yours truly. I'll be very glad when they let me get out of bed, believe me. I don't think I'll ever want to look at a bed again. I agree with you that it's peculiar how some people can eat without gaining weight, while others put on pounds even when they try to lose. Of course, late snakcs and second helpings don't help matters any. I've noticed this weight gaining peculiarity many times. It may be that smoking has something to do with it, though I'm not sure. My sister stayed thin when she smoked; she stopped and started to gain weight. Now on this diet I've told you about, she eats, more or less, like a horse and stays where she wants to. Last reports were 108 lbs. I imagine she looks pretty terrific at present for with her height of 5'5" with shoes that should go well don't you think? As for me, instead of eating a snack before hitting the sack back home, I'd knock off a bottle of beer and a couple of cigarettes or a pipeful. It seems that you don't desire food so much when you smoke. Most of the people I know who do are 'Pharoahs' lean kind 'like yours' truly, whether they eat heartily or not. So if you want to lose that nine lbs hon, I'd suggest my sister's diet. I'll have to ask her for it again as she hasn't sent it yet. Personally, I can't see why you want to lose anymore weight. You look just about perfect in that last snap you sent. There's nothing looks better on a woman than a few curves in the right places you know. Heh, heh!!

It looks like the day is going to the dogs now for it's started to rain. I used to love driving along at night in the rain with the radio playing sweet music. Rain makes a pleasant sound on the roof I always thought. We'll certainly have to make another trip to Detroit when I get back. Rain or shine, that's a beautiful drive down the St. Clair river and around the lake. We'll have to stop at that amusement park near Detroit if it's still there. How about a bit of canoeing around Belle Isle? The only trouble with a canoe is that you can't very well sit to-gether. We'd have to park under a tree and sit in the center of the thing I guess. Is it a date? If it is we'll probably average about ten miles an hr. coming home. Nothing like making a good thing last you know and there will be no curfew we have to follow of worry about - just take it easy and enjoy ourselves. Right. Those will be the days!

By the way hon, the Vmail type letters you sent, arrived no faster or slower than your other letters. I'd send you more V-mails only I can't get any air-mail stamps just a-m envelopes. A V-mail won't go to Canada without a stamp. I can send them home free.

Now hon, I'll finish up for this day, hoping you are well and taking care of yourself. We've come a long, long way, little one, and I've loved you all the way and will always.

With all my love,

I am, your







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