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May 9, 1945, #1




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May 9, 1945

Dearest Gerrie,

It's a very quiet, peaceful evening here hon with the sun still shining at eight o'clock. With you I could enjoy it - without you it's just another evening, the same as every day is just another day. This isn't meant to be a dismal thought little one, merely a reiteration of the fact that life away from you is very incomplete and that I am looking forward - you'll never know how much - to the day when we're together again, never more to part. How I do love you my darling!

Kinda looks like this will be strictly a love letter. Wish I was better at it, but couldn't be more sincere.

Interruption - We just listened to a speech by the king. I wonder if you weren't listening to it over there too.

You know hon, the more I think of that scrapbook idea, the better I like it. That will be the best way to recall, in later years, the good times we have yet to have during our engagement and then in our married life. Imagine remembering thirty years from now how I proposed to you. We should really get a kick out of such a treasury of memories. What I want to do is get started. Hope it won't be too long before we're able to.

Here it is the day after V-E. Already it seems like part of the past.

I got sidetracked on this letter last nite honey - the guys started a game of casino on my bed so there wasn't much chance to write. Incidentally, I won the game. Later, we lay in our beds talking about plans for the future and even how we met our wives and girl friends. That sounds a little funny the way I put it - I meant just one woman for each man. Charlie, in the next bed, has a twin brother. His wife mistook him for this brother and that's how he first got acquainted with her. You'd be surprised how these guys got engaged. Not one had the typical movie setting of moonlight and music. Bob Barton, the lively fellow, proposed while downtown shopping, Charlie was helping his then girlfriend wash the dishes, etc, etc. It seems that the story book idea rarely is followed in real life. I'm glad that I didn't wait either hon.

Now take it easy, don't worry and please take good care of yourself for me. A hi to your mom. I love you. All my love always,








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