April 21, 1945

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April 21, 1945




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April 21, 1945

Dearest Geraldine,

Another lucky day for me with two more letters from you written the tenth and twelfth. I can't understand why my mail takes so long to get over. It seems to get to my home in about ten days. I sure wish it would reach you as fast, important one.

You and my mother are two for a pair as far as gardening goes. She's always out playing around with the lawn, the flowers or bushes. Our lawn used to look better than most on our street. The back lawn was actually the nicest of any, mostly due to her efforts, for my help especially went as far as lawn mowing.

That was a good cartoon your Mom sent - the one with the little black puppies. You know honey, it made me feel good knowing she had cut it out for you to send, because I had an idea she didn't like the idea of you and and me getting to-gether again - this time for keeps. Now I feel she doesn't dislike me and I'm glad for I always liked her a lot. When I get back and you're over here visiting the limeys, I'll be able to drop in for a cup of tea with her and maybe take her for a ride to cheer her up & me.

I'm wondering what will actually happen when we meet the first time. I was just reading the sentence where you described the Can. army officer entering the bank and mistook or rather thought he looked like me. If thinking it was me made you shake, what's going to happen when I appear in person? You better not shake too much for I'll probably need some support myself. If I can talk after five minutes I'll be doing good. Gee, I wish we could meet alone that first time! I really believe we should share those first few minute to-gether with no one near. They'll be very precious minutes to me and I think to you too. About the only solution is to meet me at the train it seems. I warn you though, you'll get hugged and kissed even if the whole town is standing around watching. It will be a case of put your arms around me honey, hold me tight, snuggle up and cuddle up with all your might. Well I guess you know the rest of the song. It just fits the above situation, don't you think or do you?

When I think how long my last epistle took in reaching you it makes me very impatient. According to that, my letter (important to me) of the tenth won't reach you until the first week in May. Woe is me. I'll probably have no finger nails left by the time I receive your reply!

You know dear, this period is the hardest in our lives. A love that can stand up under all ours has had to, can weather anything. We'll make up for all this lost time though and enjoy it all the more for the waiting. Man, I'm gonna just about burst when I do see you again! Boy, oh boy, oh boy!!!

Now until to-morrow darling, aloha again. Be very careful with my girl (you) and take it easy. As a parting thought, you are to me the loveliest, sweetest and dearest little lady in the world. I'm mighty proud of you honey.

All my love ever,








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