April 22, 1945, #1

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April 22, 1945, #1




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April 22, 1945

Dearest Geraldine,

I'm going to answer your letter of the twelfth to-day. You should receive a letter for every one you write because I answer each one & the same.

I'll start with your comments on the group picture I sent you. I agree with you & your gal friends that Danny takes the prize for being the best looking. I think I'll tell you about them all so you'll know. First, all the fellows are protestants with the exception of Gil, Joe Krieger and Danny, who are jewish. Surprised? You guess wrong about Gil being the life of the party. He's a live wire but Paul, standing behind him and Joe Krieger on his left are the real live wires. Many's the pub Paul & I livened up with our singing. We did it to-gether, and with Johnny Bauer & Joe Krieger (Unholy Four). Danny is a swell fellow, quiet and quite intellectual. He likes concerts (like Dean Johnston did) and can give equally well an account on the communistic movement in China or the theory of relativity. I can't even spell it right. Don't think he's a bore, for he's not. When there's fun, he's there too. Oh yes, like you, a one beer man. Post war plans are co-operative farming - unattached and can be reached by placing Pvt. in front of his name & sending it to the 5th Hosp. Train APO 413. The same applies for the other guys. This information is not for you my love. Lea Like and Hitchcock are married, Craig Winters engaged. Joe Hudak is six feet four inches tall. In picture he looks about same height as other fellows but tis not so. He was standing on a downgrade. As for Paul, another A1 fellows - can drink a pint of beer in 56 seconds. We timed him. Lots of fun. Now for Kreiger, he is strictly a wit. If he can't make you laugh nobody can. By the way, it's a poor picture of him. He is quite a nice looking Joe. To end this confab, no I am not growing a mustache. The guys used to kid me that I should but not this boy. Surely you wouldn't want to be kissed with a mustache in between, would you?

Say honey, thank you very much for the snaps. I like best the one where you are sitting on the fender. I really think you look beautiful - no kidding. You're some girl dearest and I'm sure longing to hold you close in my arms again. Once I get you there I'll never let you go so if you don't plan to stay there, better not let me catch you. Don't say I didn't warn you now. You know, all my plans are centered around you, so you're a most important part of me dear. Maybe I shouldn't tell you this when I haven't heard your answer yet, however, I'll risk it. Risk isn't the right word for I don't consider it a risk to tell you anything because I trust the girl I love even with my life if necessary. I do manage to tangle my words up don't I, still maybe you see what I mean. At least I get one thing straight on paper, I hope, and that is my love for you dearest. You'll never know just how much that is, but know that it's every minute of the hour, every hour of the day, every day of every week in the year. About the only other thing I can say is, my life will not be complete till I can spend all these minutes, hours, days and years with just dear little you. If I haven't made that clear then I'm a monkey's uncle. However, seriously honey, I hope you've gathered these facts from my letters for that's what I intended you to see in them. It is hard to express things right on paper as you know.

Well darling, your GI is going to love & leave you now until to-morrow. Please take good care of yourself & say hello to your Mom. Now to the sweetest girl there is I leave

All my love always,








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