April 20, 1945, #2

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April 20, 1945, #2




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April 20, 1945

Dearest Geraldine,

I was a lucky guy this afternoon with a letter and birthday card from you. they came in nine days, can you beat that. I hope my mail reaches you so fast. Thanks a million for the swell card honey and especially for the message it contained - your love!

I was very sorry to hear you are feeling so low as far as morale is concerned. I have an idea that I'm to blame for it for you must have gone three weeks without mail when I first came in the hospital. That won't happen again darling even if I have to dictate the letters. No fear of that however, as I'm coming along fine. I hope you forgive my writing lapse little one for it makes me blue when you are. Anyway, I trust you're feeling better now.

Another thing honey, stop worrying about when the war will end and we can get to-gether again. I'm a good one to hand out this advice for I can scarcely control my own impatience. Maybe it will help a bit if I remind you of this - no matter how long we're apart it's not going to change my love for you. There's never been another since the day we met and never will be. Remember this and don't worry about your dreams either, because we'll make them come true to-gether. Now that's straightened out I'll continue.

I certainly was happy to receive your letter! Apparently some in between have yet to arrive so I'll be looking forward to them. Did you ever send the snaps you promised? Those taken with Harold which were so good you didn't want to risk losing them. By the way, my erratic writing is due to the fact that I'm writing on a pad held against my upraised knee as I lie in bed. Solid comfort!

Why don't you let me in on some of those picnic plans, etc, you have for us. Nothing I'd rather hear about than that. It's about time we started taking each other's dreams and making them part of our own, don't you think?

Congrats on your reduced weight! Don't overdo it though, honey, as too fast reducing is bad, besides I have a fairly long arm and am sure it will easily encircle your waist. So you're one of those 'extra helping' gals aye. My sister was like that until she became a little too big for her clothes. A letter from my mother yesterday stated that Sis now has to shorten all her dresses because she has become so streamlined. I thought she was just about right when I left home. I guess she's more so now. You never saw her honey, but she has all the looks in my family. Occasionally, I'd take her downtown on Thursday nite where the stores were open so she could shop. The guys certainly used to give her the once over. She doesn't know what I think about her though. It never does to let your sister know anything like that. Want to know something - for my money you're still the fairest one of all not to mention a few other things I can think of.

Now little one, I really hope your morale is better long before this epistle reaches you. Don't work too hard and be careful. One more little thing I notice in a postscript in your letter. Honey, I know you're sincere in what you write. Anything written sincerely is not 'mush' so don't wonder if I think your endings are that way, for I don't. Are you all straightened out now? I hope you are.

Aloha darling, for to-nite and you will and do always have

All my love,








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