April 20, 1945, #1

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April 20, 1945, #1




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April 20, 1945

Friday noon

Dearest Geraldine,

Another day has passed, one less of war and one closer to you, dear, who have been my inspiration through all the past war weary days and still are.

Again things are about the same including my allergy. I'll certainly be thankful when this itching stops. It looks like it's going to stay with me all week like it does with our doctor's daughters. Some fun!

I've got my room in rather a mess at present. The major brought me all his medical magazines with the idea of me making bindings for them. We divided them into groups of three months issues so I only had to make five covers. I finished that and have them lying on the table. Then, one of the nurses wanted me to draw the medical insignia on a pillow cover so she could embroider it. That I have also done. She left it in here so she can get my advice in case she gets stuck. Imagine me telling a woman how to sew! Of course it isn't actually sewing honey. It's the same kind of work I did on the purses I made. Anyway, that adds to the mess. I still have the two scarves and purses I made for my nieces plus a little change purse for you. It, by the way, is coming to you via Buffalo as it needs a couple of snaps to hold it shut. The Red Cross can't get any over here. Finally, to-day I spent making a start on a snapshot album. What a job! I'm glueing little pieces of leather on a cardboard back to form the frontspiece. I don't know whether I got more glue in hod or on myself. About a tie I guess. So, you see things are more confusing than amusing as Lil Abner says. At least it helps me pass the time away.

According to the nurse I'll be in here another six weeks or so yet so don't be afraid to write to this address. When I leave they'll forward it to me anyhow.

This is just a note for now as I wanted you to know I'm doing O.K. even though there is no news. Please don't worry that pretty little head of yours honey, for aside from itching, I'm coming along fine. Take very good care of yourself little one and remember better days are coming.

All my love ever,








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