April 17, 1945

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April 17, 1945




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April 17, 1945

Tues. 8:30 P.M.

Dearest Geraldine,

Well honey, I've still got the 'itch', doggone it, however, I don't feel so bad now because two other guys have it too. If you notice any fingerprints on this paper blame it on the lotion they've dabbed all over me. What a sight! Time out here while I drink my chocolate. We get a drink at this time every nite. Nothing like service, aye what. The nite nurse just came in and told me she's going to give me a sleeping pill to-night. I was too busy scratching last night to do much in the shut eye line. From three till four this morning I played solitaire. It helped to take my mind off the itch, and I finally got to sleep around four. Remarkably interesting letter so far isn't it.

Things went about as usual to-day, even the weather was the song - warm and sunny. Such days make me very restless and tired of this bed business. I guess I told you there were four of us in here who were confined to beds. There are only two of us now, the paratroopers and I. One fellows got up for the first time to-day and the other left last week for a rehab hospital (one where they get you ready for active duty again).

The only mail I've received to-day was a 'Get Well' card from one of the nurses. I thought it was nice of her to send it. We 'shoot a lot of bull' during the course of a day. She calls me Butch or Jr. She would make a good addition to your sorority for she's a live wire like you. Her post war plans are a career as an army nurse in Hawaii. It's a good racket in peace time, but I wouldn't want it.

Enough of that. Hpw's the prettiest gal in S. to-day? I'm a lucky guy to have a lovely girl like you for a sweetheart. It's sure hard waiting until we can be to-gether again. As you say, we'll show the other couples how to enjoy a beautiful day and if we don't draw a lot of smiles I'll miss my guess.

Honey, this will have to do for to-nite. It's not much of a letter, however, it brings just as much love as always and that's a lot. So dear little one take good care of yourself and remember me in your prayers as I do in mine.

Yours always with all my love,

Your Johnny

Enclosed snaps of Butch & me






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