The Mailman

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The Mailman


This newspaper clipping provides an anecdote about soldiers' anxiety about girls back home.

The reverse side of the clipping shows partial excerpts from other news articles, including one titled "Nazis Call Up 10-Year-Olds"

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Once upon a time we asked our readers to shed a tear in their beer for the guy who wrote so many letters to his girl friend that she married the mailman. A Pfc whose initials are JD sent the gag home to his beloved. She in turn wrote this poem:
Please don't shed a tear in your beer,
The mailman doesn't deliver mail here
So have no fear

But JD sez he is still puzzled—he overlooked the fact that the elevator boy delivers mail there.

oled the battleship South Dakota to
shoot down 32 Jap planes before the
enemy could strike, Sperry officials said.
The sight extends the mental powers of
ack-ack crews by quickly and automati-
cally calculating and applying the angle
by which the guns must lead in order to
hit fast-moving targets.

Nazis Call Up 10-Year-Olds
Germany was notified yesterday that
all ten-year-old boys and girls must
register for the Hitler Youth Movement,
German News Agency reported.


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