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Potato Peeling
This newspaper cartoon shows two women being supervised by an official while they peel potatoes, presumably for the war effort. The women comment on their work and how it might affect their future.

Mediterranean Women v. British
In this newspaper opinion excerpt, a reader replies to a comparison of Mediterranean and British women, arguing that Mediterranean women are generally more beautiful.

A GI's Proposal
In this clipping, a GI at a soda shop proposes to the waitress, saying that he doesn't have time to wait.

Breakfast in Bed
In this clipping, a husband provides breakfast in bed for his new wife. He then demands she do the same for him every day.

"These Women"
Johnny clipped out this comic from a newspaper, adding a handwritten note: "Will you do this to me?"

The Mailman
This newspaper clipping provides an anecdote about soldiers' anxiety about girls back home.

The reverse side of the clipping shows partial excerpts from other news articles, including one titled "Nazis Call Up 10-Year-Olds"

"Did you miss me, Johnny?"
Johnny added handwritten notes to this newspaper clipping about returning soldiers. Probably cut from Yank, the Army's weekly publication.

City of Buffalo
Johnny sent this newspaper photo of Buffalo to Geraldine, with handwritten annotations
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