Mediterranean Women v. British

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Mediterranean Women v. British


Wartime Humour


In this newspaper opinion excerpt, a reader replies to a comparison of Mediterranean and British women, arguing that Mediterranean women are generally more beautiful.



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I read with amusement the form letter written by the Rev. Douglas Hamilton Priest (TIME, March 12). ... I was a Merchant Marine crewman, so I have been around a bit. I beg to differ with this English Reverend and his gratuitous insult to Mediterranean women who are supposed to "get ugly and old-looking so quickly." Coming from an Englishman, whose women are the strangest conglomeration of horse-faced, buck-toothed females this side of a freak show—this is really rich! A beautiful English woman is as rare as a black swan, whereas most so-called Mediterranean women are pretty when not beautiful.

I suggest the Reverend stop giving advice about Mediterranean women; it's obvious he doesn't know the score on this subject....

Lachesis B. M. Muta

Gulfport, Miss.


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