April 13, 1945

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April 13, 1945




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April 13, 1945


I had to borrow this paper from one of my nurses as there is none available at the PX. She insisted on giving me the whole pad so I'll be able to write as much as I want to.

Well honey, how is my girls these days? - breaking more efficiency records at the bank I suppose. You should be able to manage a household budget perfectly after all the experience you're getting.

You know, my letters aren't going to be very newsy as long as I'm in here, but I'll do my best to write you daily. So if I talk a lot about us I hope you won't mind. Confidentially, that's my favorite subject. When I was on the train the fellows would often say to me, "Johnny, you are really in love aren't you." They claimed they could see it in my eyes when I'd sit down to write you a latter. Imagine that! They say the eyes are the windows of the soul and I guess that's right, for my love for you is as deep rooted inside me as my soul. To me, you become sweeter and dearer with each passing day. I'm warning you now, I'm through trying to be chivalrous telling you to go out with other guys - I'm speaking for myself from now on for I don't want the girl I love to forget her G.I.

It's going to be awful hard for me to be sensible when I get back. I'll be wanting to go right out and find a preacher. For the good of our future honey, it will be better to wait the two years which I've mentioned before. Here I am talking like everything was all settled and you haven't even said 'yes' yet. That's all you have to do though. What I said about it being unfair to you for me to ask you when we're so far apart still goes, however, with the following understanding, I think it would be fair, namely, that when I get back I'd ask you again in person, at which time you could change your mind if you wanted to. So darling, I'm asking you, "Will you marry me?" This isn't being done in the way I'd like to, but it's just as sincere. When I get back I'll do it right. Before you answer honey, remember we'll have a two yr. wait when I get back. Man, I'm going to be a nervous wreck until I get your answer!

Remember me telling you about a married couple I know who are two of my very best friends? They had a problem similar to our. I won't go into detail, but they were engaged for eight years. All that time they went together with just one misunderstanding, during which Frankie gave Wats (Francelia and Watson Campbell) his ring back for about three months. To make a long story short, now they are married and they were the happiest couple I knew until the war made them break up their home. Wats is in the infantry on the continent and Frankie is worried sick. She calls me her adopted brother since she has none of her own. I taught her how to drive as Wats was too impatient. Boy, she used to scare me half to death! I told me mother the day she took her test that if she hadn't been so pretty she would never have passed. I know you two will get along famously when you meet. There I go again getting ahead of myself. Please don't think I'm taking you for granted.

Before I forget hon, if you should day yes, don't think I'll expect you to sit around alone - I have complete faith and trust in you and leave it up to you how you enjoy yourself.

I feel like I could write on for hours, but proposing has 'kinda' taxed my strength so I better sign off until to-morrow. I love you honey more than words can say, and pray you are well. Take care of yourself.

All my love forever,








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