April 10, 1945, #1

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April 10, 1945, #1




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April 10, 1945

Dearest Geraldine,

You've had a compliment already this morning. The nurse just came in my room and saw your pictures by my bed. She walked over, picked them up and exclaimed, "Isn't she pretty"! Of course I didn't agree with her - not much!

I'm early this morning honey. It's not quite eight o'clock yet. Now we're on double summer time it must be about one back home. I wonder if you're in bed yet.

This day has all the earmarks of being a fine one. The sun, an orange ball, is just beginning to peek over the nearby hills, the sky is a pretty pale blue with little bits of 'wool' here and there - really a pretty sight. I'd prefer to be watching a Muskoka sunset with a lovely girl named Jerry beside me though.

I had a little interruption here. The nurse came in to give me my morning clean-up, back rub and make my bed fresh. Helpless critter aren't I. I like to kid her along as she is a nice person. She's the one who likes your looks so much.

Say, did I tell you I'll soon be eligible to join some ladies sewing circle? Well not quite, but here's the story. The Red Cross provides projects for bed patients to do so the time won't drag quite so much. I chose a scarf to weave on a small wooden contraption. All it is is a board with a slot down the center. Along both sides of the slot, small nails are spaced at half inch intervals. By looping the wool thread around the nails & looping it over - presto - a scarf is born. I've just finished two, one for each of my nieces. The R.C. girl thought they turned out so well, I should make little purses to match, so now I'm struggling along with them. I'd like to make you one only I'm not sure what color you'd like, nor that a financial wizard like you would care for such a thing. I'm only kidding, honey. The nurses seem to like both scarfs & purses, in fact, some of the patients already made them both one. So I guess it would strike your fancy too. If the one I'm working on turns out well, I'll make you one. Don't expect anything too fancy now.

You know little one, I wish I could dream of you like you do me. I don't seem to dream at all. I lie awake though an hour or more each nite just thinking of you. I can't seem to get you off my mind, not that I want to anyway. It reminds me of the song - You're Always on My Mind, Though Out of Sight. You might call it dreaming at that, for wishes are the dreams we dream when we're awake. There are some other dreams I have to get after as soon as I get back so we won't have to wait so long for the day we can start being together for always. That's the day I want.

I'll leave you with that thought dear, hoping you share it with me. Keeping you in my heart and prayers, I remain,

Forever, with all my love, your


P.S. The phrase on the flap means love conquers all things.






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