April 9, 1945, #2

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April 9, 1945, #2




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April 9, 1945

Dearest Geraldine,

I'm writing this short V-mail in case you aren't getting the regular air mail I'm sending. I know how it is to be without mail - gell describes it very well. You can see my vocabulary still contains a sprinkling of profanity. It's a beautiful evening here at six o'clock. The sky is blue and high up I can see the contrails (vapor trails) of several bombers. It's funny - you sometimes see a thin stream of vapor up in the sky which curves and twists. When you look at the very tip of the trail you can make out a pin point speck, otherwise you might think it was a cloud. I just wasted half an hour talking to my nurse and one of the ward boys. I showed him the group picture I sent you and he couldn't even recognize me. I sure must look different as that was taken the last week in Feb. I guess being thinner makes a difference. The nurse was telling me about playing football with three of her girlfriends last evening. She was stiff as a board to-day. I told her instead of rubbing my back she should let me rub hers. Well honey, I hope this reaches you so you'll know your G.I. hasn't forgotten you and still loves you as much as ever - if not more. Take care of yourself and don't work too hard.

All my love,







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