December 25, 1944, #2

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December 25, 1944, #2




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December 25, 1944

Dearest Geraldine,

Well little one here I am again on Xmas Day and I sure hope you had a happy time this day. We are working as usual, however, we had all day yesterday free so we can't kick.

From Thursday nite until late Saturday nite we were on the run continuously. On Thursday's run I met two girls from Buffalo, one a nurse and the other a Red Cross girl. They were both patients going back to the U.S. I went to school with the nurse's brother and the Red Cross girl and I had several mutual acquaintances, although I didn't know her. The nurse gave me a roll of film so I may be able to take some snaps in the near future.

Yesterday the major and four of us went to the services at one of the protestant churches. The organist there is stone blind but he plays beautifully. In the afternoon three of my buddies and I took a long walk as it was a clear day for a change. We must have walked about ten miles. We ate at a snack bar because the Red Cross was giving a party for the children and we didn't want to intrude.

About nine o'clock we met an RA2 sgt with some girls. They wanted to sing carols so we went around to all the houses with lights on and sang carols. We'd knock on each door when we finished. and wish them a Merry Xmas! The four of us left them at eleven-thirty so we could go to the midnite service at one of the churches. It was a very nice service and the church was packed with people standing in the rear.

Back home I used to attend the midnite service on Xmas eve at St. Mary's on the Hill. (Episcopal) I've never seen a Xmas service to compare with it anywhere. The church is always decorated in true Christmas fashion, in fact it almost seems like you're right inside a fir tree there is so much green everywhere. The service is held by candlelight too, which adds to its beauty. I hope I'll be there for next Xmas.

This morning we left about seven o'clock on this run. At present we're waiting for the boat to come in. One of our mess sergeants got out his concertina to accompany us in singing carols plus everything from Goodnight Sweetheart to the 'Beer Barrel Polka'. My voice is just about gone now. At least we managed to cheer each other up.

Well sweet, I'll leave you now. I hope you are well and enjoy this Xmas season. I wish I was around to help you but I'm sure you'll make out O.K. Take care of yourself president and don't work too hard. All my love,


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