December 25, 1944, #1

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December 25, 1944, #1




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December 25, 1944

Dearest Geraldine,

Well Toots your Xmas card arrived to-day with two letters from you for which thank you very much. I thought the card was made to order and you sure had the time figured out to a t. I'm writing you two letters to-day, one for current events and this one to answer your letters.

By the way, the four of us who went out last nite have now all lighted up cigars. Paul is from the 717th, Joe and John are medics on the train. It's Pauls and my first cigar; John, who is twenty smokes them only and Joe is about in the same boat with Paul and I—cig & pipe smoker. Time out for chow.

Back again, honey, minus the cigar. Paul and I made it about halfway and then swore off. That will be my first and last cigar. Hells bells, it was so big I could hardly her it in my mouth. I'm on a Sweet Caporal now—once again thank you for sending them, Toots. You've probably noticed my pen isn't working so good. I blame the pen but maybe it's the cigar.

To get back to your letter, I thought it was very nice, especially not to blame me for what happened. I'll always maintain that it was my fault things turned out as they did but they won't again. I don't wonder that you didn't say what you wanted to little one but you need not worry about saying anything you please now as I wouldn't hurt you for the world. You know you're a sweetheart if there was ever one and I love you for it, in fact, I just love you, period.

Right now, I want to say something though which I think is necessary under the present circumstances. You know that old saying about a bird on hand being worth two in the bush. All I want you to do is remember it—as God knows how long it will be before the USA is under my feet again. Furthermore, when I do get back I'm seriously thinking of going after a degree in mechanical engineering; a three year job. So you see I'd only be able to see you on weekends. I guess that pretty well covers everything as far as I can see. If you have any thoughts on the subject I'll be bending an ear. Say I just thought what that dash-fortune teller told you. Let me know if anything develops.

You and Sue or Butch as I call her seem to hit it off fine together. My unc tells me that she and Ruth, the schoolteacher staying with them, are practically inseparable. I may leave Butch with them as they give her such a swell home although I'd hate to.

I hope you are able to do all the traveling you want. Personally, I'm going to be like the song San Fernando Valley, namely settle down and never more roam. The major told us just last week that the train has covered about thirty thousand miles so far about half of it in the last four months.

I feel like I could go on and on but I'll spare you that Toots. The first talk we have together will be a lulu no doubt. At least if we're alone with no interruptions. Before I forget send that curl by all means.

Now in the words of that current song hit 'I'll Walk Alone' please send your love and your kisses to guide me, till you're walking beside me, I'll walk alone. Goodnight sweetheart.

All my love,


P.S. The name on the envelope is that of the Censor:

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