November 14, 1944

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November 14, 1944


In this letter, Johnny talks about his family, his current activities, and his needs.




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November 14, 1944

Dearest Geraldine,

This makes the fourth letter I've written to you in a week but I received another letter from you yesterday so I might as well answer & keep up to date. Maybe then we won't find it so hard to know what we're talking about.

I'd have given a months salary to have traded places with you when you ran into Susy - just for that brief meeting. That little dog means a lot to me. She has a lot of friends in Buffalo from the vet who sewed her together when three cars hit her to the kids on the street. She always enjoyed the small children on our street especially my sisters two sparkplugs. She used to keep them from going into the street by jumping up and down in front of them. I hope she remembers me when I get back.

Glad to hear that you enjoyed yourself with your girl and boyfriends on the farm. It must be nice to be able to do all the things you mentioned and be your own boss. You're a versatile young woman aren't you — everything from barn dancing to horseback riding. I wouldn't know how to begin to square dance and the only horseback riding I ever did was behind the ninety horses of my car. Not much to brag about I agree. I don't know as I could trust myself on a weekend with you 'livewires'. Still I'd probably make a good chaperone. I'll bet you like that last remark.

We made a short run of eight hours on Sunday. I was mighty glad it was short as I was 'pooped' as it was and hit the hay early. I think I'll have to take some vitamin pills until I get my strength back.

Our kitchen car came back today so we'll be eating good again. They started out good with tender roast beef, mashed potatoes, peas, bread and butter and coffee for supper. Dessert was chocolate ice cream and chocolate cake. You can have all you want to.

You may be memorizing a new address soon as our original assignment to this train is up in thirty days. We may stay then or be on the move again.

Well, I'm getting well stuck for news but you can't say much over here anyhow. About all a letter amounts to is talking about when you were a civilian and about what you'll do when you reach that heavenly status again. I know I'm going for eighteen holes of golf with my dad. I've never beat him yet but I will.

I almost forgot, I've thought of something I need, namely a pocket dictionary. You've seen these pocket book editions they sell in the dime store and elsewhere. They make a dictionary too, I believe. I can't get one over here of any size. I guess the limeys know how to spell everything, however, I'm just a poor Yank and mighty glad of it. Say your folks aren't English are they? If so you better get rid of this epistle but quick.

Seriously though, you would be doing my buddy and I a great favor if you can find a pocket edition. Thanks pal!

Too bad I have to correspond by mail as I'm in a good mood tonight. Oh well, such is life. If I write too much or if you have any other complaints, let me know. I hope you are well and don't work too hard.

Cheerio precious, Love and stuff, Johnny

P.S. Let me know if you appreciate my literary efforts. You probably don't.






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