November 20, 1944, #1

Dublin Core


November 20, 1944, #1


In this letter, Johnny provides a little information about his activities and wonders about his next assignment.




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November 20, 1944

Dearest Geraldine,

Say that's a mighty sweet aroma on those last three snaps you sent me. How about putting a little in something so I can take a whiff occasionally. We don't smell anything like that over here, so how about it? This won't be much of an epistle as we haven't been doing much for the past week. Tonight we're putting out on a run, so I may have more to say in a couple of days. Three of us went to see "The Spoilers' last might. It's an old picture like all the others we see, still it helps to pass an evening. By the way, the theatre closes at eight-thirty and you think Sardines is slow. It was pouring rain when we came out. We always have a job finding our way back in the blacked out streets, especially when the sky is overcast as it was last night. I always manage to make it though. I don't know how much longer I'll be with these fellows. The major told me today that our original order for sixty days attachment has been changed to thirty days and we're overtime already. If I join my company again I'll get a change of scenery. I wish I could tell you about things, however, secrets are secrets. You know how women keep secrets, heh, heh! We've got some hot jive on the phonograph playing through the radio. Makes you want to start cutting a rug.

Well, toots, stay as sweet as you are and remember your G.I. Joe sometimes.

Love, Johnny






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