VRDayATL Conference

On January 12th, GSU’s Creative Media Industries Institute and virtual reality company Nektr co-hosted the first annual VRDayATL conference at the Rialto. Sponsors for the event included Microsoft, CNN, Turner Studios, and many more. Participants included creators and innovators in virtual reality as well as people interested in commercial and educational uses of VR.

Sessions included presentations on topics such as: experiential design, 360° video, growth of VR, filmmaking with VR, new uses for VR hardware and software, storytelling, gaming, marketing, uses in research and education, VR for training and collaboration, VR film/TV production, virtual sound, and the future of VR in Atlanta.

Students from CETL’s SIF program ran a demonstration of two projects, Unpacking Manuel’s Tavern and 3D Atlanta, which received significant attention and compared favorably with the content available from commercial projects.

Participants tweeting during the conference used #VRDayATL for their conversation.

If you’d like further information about any of the topics above, please contact me.

Virtual reality conference, Atlanta, January 12, 2017

Georgia-based scholars discuss VR in education and research