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Letters from April 9, 1945

Although he already wrote one letter on April 9, Johnny decided to write a V-mail letter in case the regular mail was being delayed or lost. In this letter, he talks about seeing contrails in the sky from passing bombers, chatting with his fellow patients and the nurses, and how much weight he has lost.

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Letter Two from April 9, 1945

Dearest Geraldine,

I'm writing this short V-mail in case you aren't getting the regular air mail I'm sending. I know how it is to be without mail - gell describes it very well. You can see my vocabulary still contains a sprinkling of profanity. It's a beautiful evening here at six o'clock. The sky is blue and high up I can see the contrails (vapor trails) of several bombers. It's funny - you sometimes see a thin stream of vapor up in the sky which curves and twists. When you look at the very tip of the trail you can make out a pin point speck, otherwise you might think it was a cloud. I just wasted half an hour talking to my nurse and one of the ward boys. I showed him the group picture I sent you and he couldn't even recognize me. I sure must look different as that was taken the last week in Feb. I guess being thinner makes a difference. The nurse was telling me about playing football with three of her girlfriends last evening. She was stiff as a board to-day. I told her instead of rubbing my back she should let me rub hers. Well honey, I hope this reaches you so you'll know your G.I. hasn't forgotten you and still loves you as much as ever - if not more. Take care of yourself and don't work too hard.

All my love,


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