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Letters from April 9, 1945

In the first letter, Johnny discusses the possibility that he'll be shipped to Pacific if the war effort shifts to that theatre. He also mentions his plan to enroll in college for engineering upon leaving the army.

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Letter One from April 9, 1945

Dearest Geraldine,

Well fair one, I've decided to make up for lost time now I'm feeling better and get some mail moving to my honey - the sweet girl I love best of all.

I was lucky to-day with a letter from you written March 15th. First of all, in answer, the U.S. Army doesn't volunteer for service in the Pacific; all but a lucky few will go over there. The fact is, the Stars & Stripes (U.S. Army newspaper) to-day published an article listing what would happen to four categories of troops which we have over here. Some will remain here, some go to Pacif via furloughs in the U.S., but those like my outfit go directly to the Pacific from here. What a life! The nurse came in early this morning to read it to me. She's hoping this hospital group will go to U.S. first. I only hope I can get out of the hospital soon so I won't miss going with my buddies, otherwise I'd have to go with some other outfit. I'm a little ahead of myself as the war here isn't over yet.

Congratulations on breaking the record! They'll be making you president of the bank soon.

Glad to hear you're still missing bouquets. Keep it up until I'm back where I can have something to say about the after effects of catching one. Now dear, here's something that may interest you. It certainly made me feel better after the gloomy picture I painted to you a week ago of my possibilities for a beau for keeps. My unc has been inquiring for me at various colleges how long it would take me to get a BS in engineering. At the one in Ft. Wayne Indiana (I.T.C.) he found I could get it in 27 months. Furthermore, that is closer to you than Buffalo so the problem of seeing you would be much easier too - you'll never know how much I long for that pleasure little one. Looking at your picture has been the only thing to cheer me up these last few weeks lying in bed. I have it propped up on the stand beside the bed so everyone can see my one and only. The nurses all admired you and that's a compliment for they are pretty too - one twenty-two & one twenty-four. You're still the fairest one of all though sweetheart.

I suppose soon you'll be getting spring fever. It must be hard on you girls to see couples walking around, especially on warm sunny days and you're by yourselves. I don't know what the fellows are thinking of to let a prize like you walk around alone. I hope, too, it won't be long before you won't be alone any longer.

Now honey, I'll end for to-day and write more to-morrow. You know, I never get over how lucky I am to have the love of a girl like you - it's almost too good to be true. Thank you for your prayers and love dear and always remember I send you too

All my love,


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