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March 16, 1945

In this letter, Johnny apologizes for the delay in sending letters and explains that he has been in the hospital with strep throat. He complains that his unit will reunite without him, and that he will be unable to attend church services for Easter.

Johnny's Cinema

Johnny mentions that the hospital showed a film called "Behind the Rising Sun."

March 16, 1945

Dearest Geraldine,

I suppose you've been wondering what's happened to me lately that you haven't heard from me. The explanation is simple, namely that I've been in the hospital again, with a strep throat and haven't felt much like writing before. I guess I'm about over that now, but have to stay in while they keep an eye on it a little longer. At any rate, I'm getting a good rest out of it as they don't allow me out of bed except to go to the latrine. 'Nough said.

When I get out of here I'll go back with my outfit again as the train has gone on and had to leave me behind. I rather hated leaving the boys however, I may be able to get back with my old buddies again. It's been ten months since I saw them. I understand about half the company are replacements now so I may not know as many fellows as I did when I left last May.

Yesterday, they showed a movie in the ward. It was an oldie titled, 'Behind the Rising Sun.' It was a good one to stir up hatred against the Japs and that's what we need. Those guys aren't human, at least some of them aren't.

The paratrooper in the next bed and I were talking about Easter this morning. There will be millions of people back home who won't go to church that day, while we would like nothing better than the chance. None of the days we celebrate over here with the same spirit. The people just don't seem to have the same feelings regarding them that we have.

My mail is on the loose again somewhere. It's just over three weeks since the last letters arrived. I don't imagine the situation will improve much as long as I'm in here either.

Well toots, you'll have to pardon this poor epistle. You can't get any news lying in bed you know. Hoping you are well and not working too hard. I remain

All my love,


P.S. one snap of the fellows enclosed

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