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February 27, 1945

In this letter, Johnny reassured Geraldine that his feelings toward her have not changed and that he is willing to fight for her. He also mentions that he dislikes singer Lawrence Tibbett.

Johnny's Phonograph

Johnny mentions that he was listening to "It Could Happen To You," written in 1944 and introduced by Dorothy Lamour in the film "And The Angels Sing." While writing this letter, Johnny hears the song being sung by "Frankie" (perhaps meaning Frank Sinatra) on the Your Hit Parade radio show.

"It Could Happen To You" (this version by Bing Crosby)

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February 27, 1945

Tuesday 9:10PM

On the run

excuse writing

Dearest Geraldine,

Well honey, I received five letters from you yesterday including a couple in which you were very upset about the letter I returned. I really don't think it's necessary for me to tell you that everything is still O.K. as you should have gathered that from letters that I've written since then. However, dear one, since you were so troubled about it I'll repeat myself a bit. I don't recall that I ever mentioned the letter after I returned it and certainly didn't think any of the things you thought I might. I have a lot of faith in you honey and it would take more than a little letter to shake it. Furthermore, even if there had been another fellow in the picture, where did you ever get the idea I'd want to give you up. Anything worthwhile is worth fighting for and little one, you're worth fighting for. I don't intend losing you at this stage of the game, that is, not if I can help it so unless you tell me you've walked down the church aisle with someone else, know that I'm still hanging on at this end. I believe I've made myself clear although my scrawl isn't all it should be.

You know honey, that was a very sweet letter you wrote to me explaining things, even though it wasn't necessary. I was damn (as I used to say) happy to hear you express your thoughts plainly without my having to read between the lines. I don't blame you at all for being a little reticent about it though - before. Thanks very much for the letter Ger; you seem to get sweeter with every day and I can hardly wait till we can stroll the lane to-gether again. That will really be the day!

Well little one, you've no doubt guessed we're on a run again. It won't be long before we reach the stall with another big day to-morrow, in fact, this is our busy week so my letters may suffer. I'll sure try to get a couple of more off to you if it's possible.

How do you like the song 'It Could Happen To You?' Frankie is singing it on the Hit Parade at present. I understand that Lawrence Tibett (or however you spell it) is going to take his place. I'll never listen to that jerk, believe me. I'd rather listen to my sister sing than Tibbet and that's saying something.

Now, hoping you are well and not working too hard, always remember that I love you very much, trust respect and miss the, to me, sweetest girl in the world.

All my love,


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