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February 23, 1945

In this letter, Johnny discusses how tired he looks, and developing film rolls. He also comments on physical appearances and a dream he had about Geraldine. He concludes by describing his plan for them when he returns to Sarnia.

February 23, 1945

Friday 9:15PM

Hello Honey,

How's my little bundle of sweetness this evening? This is one evening less in the army and one more closer to you so I'm not kickin'. You know it won't be very long before I've been overseas a year. It hardly seems possible that it has been that long.

We pulled in this evening about five o'clock after being out thirty-two hours on one of our double runs. As you know, the main trouble with such trips is the loss of sleep, although I did manage to knock off three hours. I feel pretty peppy to-night but I noticed in the mirror that instead of having five o'clock shadow on my chin, I have it under both eyes. A good night's sleep will fix that up. I have another remedy too, namely looking at your picture. You're very restful on the eyes little one.

I spent an hour this evening printing pictures, a couple of which I'll enclose in my epistle to-morrow. I have one you requested, smoking my pipe - however, we didn't develop that roll yet. The two I'm sending you are one, a group picture of some of the fellows on the train and the other a snap of my 717th buddy and I. He's the fellow who left this week to rejoin his company. The other pictures I printed were of train personnel so wouldn't be of any interest to you.

I've been writing here an hour already mainly because I've been shooting the bull in the office here instead of sticking with my writing. One of the fellows was giving me a detailed history of his meeting and subsequent progress with his best girl. I finally told him to write her a letter so I could get on with mine. All is quiet now.

By the way, you'll be able to see, in two of the snaps I'm sending, that although I weight 152 lbs. I'm not fat. The fact is the other Johnny and I are the two thinnest guys on the train. I agree with you that I wouldn't look well fat and hope I never am. I think fat detracts more from a person's appearance than anything else. Putting on weight at forty years plus is plenty soon enough for me.

Well sweet, it's been a little over a week since my last mail call so there isn't much news. Say I almost forgot, I dreamed a very short dream about you the other night. It seems we were in church and I wanted to put my arm around you but you couldn't let me for fear people would talk. It reminded me of the time you wouldn't walk down the street holding my hand. We were pretty young then though for that sort of thing and you were probably right at the time. There would be nothing wrong with it now under any circumstances, at least that's the way I see it. You know what I plan to do the first evening I see you providing we can get away from your folks - We'll get in the car, head out the Blue Water highway and park by the lake where we can talk to our hearts contents with no distracting influences. How about it little one?

Well, now I really have to sign off so I can hit the old sack. Take care of yourself honey and don't work too hard.

All my love,


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