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February 8, 1945

In this letter, Johnny carries on usual conversations with Geraldine, and comments on the process of developing his film on the train, which is made easier by the constant movement.

February 8, 1945

Thursday 9 P.M.

Dearest Geraldine,

You were no happier to receive the four letters you mention in the letter of Jan. 15th, which I received to-day, than I was to receive that one letter. It has answered all the things I mentioned in my double letter last night. Gee honey, I guess you think I'm a nut for thinking that way but such things will happen. In case my mail to you gets held up again little one, just remember that even though we are miles apart you are always in my heart. I'll do the same for you if I have anymore mail troubles. You see I'm taking your advice and reading between the lines of your letters or I wouldn't have written that last sentence which puts me in your heart too. That's where I want to be.

I'm glad you like my letters although I can't see that they are as good as you say. It sure would be easier to say what I want to in person as you know all my letters are censored, whereas yours aren't.

As long as you write to me like you did in the letter that arrived to-day, you need never apologize for your literary efforts. It was very easy for me to read what you meant and as I said before it raised my moral at least a thousand percent. At that rate I'll be walking on air soon, won't I.

To-night I developed the roll of film I took last Saturday. According to the way the negatives look I'll be able to get at least two good shots out of them. You asked me in to-days letter for a picture of me with my pipe. It just happens that one picture is taken that way so if it prints well you'll soon see how I look. We're going out on a run in the morning but if we come back empty, the supply corp. and I am going to print pictures as we roll along. One thing good about printing while the train is moving is that you don't have to keep swishing the prints around in the trays; the motion of the train does that automatically. Sometimes I think the darn thing is going to jump the track.

In answer to your little remark about holding 121 pounds on my knee I certainly could do it. I'll prove it when I get back. You're a lightweight compared to my 153 pounds. You beat my mother and sister though who weight 95 and 116 respectively. My sister is five foot, three inches, barefoot.

Well honey, we have to get up an hour earlier in the morning so I'll sign off for to-night. Please take good care of yourself for me little one. I hope to have the privilege of doing that myself some day - until then and for now goodnite sweetheart - I love you.

All my love,


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