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Letters from February 7, 1945

Johnny was mistaken about the date on these letters, because February 9th was a Friday and the envelope is post stamped with Feb. 8. In the evening of Wednesday, February 7th, Johnny sat down to write two letters. In the first, he discusses the letters he received from Geraldine, comments on summer vacation plans, and generally deals with the usual aspects of correspondence. In the second letter, Johnny reassures Geraldine that he intends to pursue their relationship, and chastises her for doubting him and being lukewarm about the idea. He tries to persuade Geraldine that their relationship will improve as soon as they are able to see one another.

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Letter Two from February 7, 1945

Wed. Evening 8P.M.

Dearest Geraldine,

Back again little one with the second half of my talk with you. It may be that your morale was low when you wrote the last two epistles and that I don't need to write what I am, however I have no way of knowing so forgive me if such is the case.

First, I have a bone to pick with you. Where did you ever get the idea that anything you write isn't worthwhile or that you're boring me? Nothing could be further from the truth. Furthermore, you worry about my getting the impression you're choosing me when there is nothing else, I'd rather have you do and hope you are doing, not that you gave me that impression though. Your letters run more on the other extreme so that half the time I don't know whether I should keep writing in the manner I do or not, especially when you come out with an ending 'As ever.' Believe me, that has got me wondering. You know Jerry, if you really believe what I say about loving you always, you should have no fears about writing anything at all to me. Just one more thing from your letter of the eight, you say, "if things go right, we may be able to have that lengthy talk."

Now Jerry, just in case you have any doubts about my sincerity let me tell you if any 'if' comes up you'll be the one to bring it up not me. I'm sure of myself and know what I want and it isn't just a lengthy talk. Surely that's not all you want is it? I had the idea you would be my 'one and only' as you used to be. If I'm wrong about that don't be afraid to say so as it would hurt my morale more to keep me in the dark than to tell me.

I realise it's hard to carry on a romance via the postman when we're so far apart but remember we weren't always so. Perhaps you think I will have changed so much in the time that is elapsing that we won't be able to reach our former happy companionship. I don't believe it and even Dorothy Dix gave her blessing to a couple who met through letters, corresponded and finally got 'hitched.' If they can do that you and I who have known such good times together should be able to take up where we left off. Are you agreeing with me? It may take us a little while (I don't mean weeks, more likely hours) to reach our old easy going, familiar attitude but that's only natural after being away as long.

Well honey, I guess that just about covers what I had on my mind after reading your letters. If I've been dense and made a mountain out of a molehill, don't be angry but I would like you to answer this letter so I'll know. I thought I did know, until to-day, just how we stood. Boy, will I be glad when this army life is a thing of the past and I don't have to rely on the postman to converse with you.

Now just in case you didn't know, I think you're the sweetest, dearest and nicest young lady in the world. Don't ever change for anyone or let anyone change you honey. Your kind if far too few in the world to-day. It's girls like you that us guys over here are trying to make a better world for. Watch those colds little one and remember your doughboy loves & misses you.

All my love,


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