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Letters from February 7, 1945

Johnny was mistaken about the date on these letters, because February 9th was a Friday and the envelope is post stamped with Feb. 8. In the evening of Wednesday, February 7th, Johnny sat down to write two letters. In the first, he discusses the letters he received from Geraldine, comments on summer vacation plans, and generally deals with the usual aspects of correspondence. In the second letter, Johnny reassures Geraldine that he intends to pursue their relationship, and chastises her for doubting him and being lukewarm about the idea. He tries to persuade Geraldine that their relationship will improve as soon as they are able to see one another.

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Letter One from February 7, 1945

Wed. Eve 7 P.M.

Dearest Geraldine,

I was very pleased to receive four letters from you to-day, the first in two weeks. I see that you aren't receiving my mail very promptly either. The ones that came to-day were dated Jan. 5, 7, 8, 12. I think I'm going to write you two letters to-nite as I consider something in the last letter you wrote needs a little attention. It's sort of an extra so consider this my regular letter.

Thanks for the compliment little one. I refer to your remark about being well-groomed. You should see me at present in my fatigue clothes and mocassin covered feet propped up on the table, not to mention my pipe.

I'm afraid I don't remember the episode at Chatham, but I do recall driving home from Detroit with you. I went about as slow as I could in order to make the ride last longer.

Say honey, don't for pete's sake, even remotely think of joining any of the services. My morale is low enough already not to mention my worries without having you do something like that. I spent a whole letter on this subject before so I won't elaborate further but please if you love me at all forget such things.

I'm afraid I don't have any suggestions as to where you might spend your vacation. Summer isn't too far away to start planning though. It will be with us before we know it. Planning is half the enjoyment anyhow or should I say anticipation is. Personally, my first vacation at home I'll throw my fishing tackle in the trunk of my car and head for Muskoka.

Now I've covered your first two letters, the next one I'll skip as I want to refer to it in my other letter. I think I'll do the same with the last epistle.

To-day we spent a few more hours working on the d- sewer. That thing is beginning to give me a pain where I never had an ache. It was a chilly day and we had to slop around in the water and mud all afternoon. We all needed a bath before we finished. I expect we'll have the job done to-morrow, I hope. Anyway, I have to go over to the hospital for a bit of dental work so I may be lucky enough to stay out of the mud to-morrow.

Well sweet, I'll cut this short now as I've decided to enclose my other letter with this one, otherwise you may get them weeks apart the way the mail is. I hope you stay clear of any more colds little one. I don't want you getting sick. Try to remember when letters don't seem to come that it isn't that I've changed. As far as you're concerned I have a one track mind. Please remember that honey, also that I'll be loving you always.

All my love,


P.S. The fellows enjoyed the cartoons.

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