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January 28, 1945

Johnny wrote this letter over two periods on a Sunday, starting very late on Saturday night. He describes the reason that he is worn out and laments that he's feeling old. When he continues on Sunday evening, he mentions going into town by himself and includes a brief excerpt from the Stars & Stripes.

Johnny's Phonograph

Johnny mentions that he was listening to his favorite bandleader, Guy Lombardo, leading his Royal Canadians in "I'll Walk Alone." The song was released in 1944, and performed by Dinah Shore in the film "Follow the Boys."

"I'll Walk Alone" (Guy Lombardo and his Royal Canadians)

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January 28, 1945

Sunday 1 A.M.

Hello Honey,

Well how's the sweetest little lady in the world to-nite — O.K. I hope. Personally, I'm a little on the tired side after our days ride. the run itself wasn't so bad, the trouble came when we had to wait over four hours to get into the docks to unload. I was doing plenty of cussing — under my breath of course. It seemed like we never would get in but we finally made it.

Now I find they're letting us sleep till noon so I thought I'd knock off a few lines before hitting the hay. Again, I'll have to ask you to bear with my writing as I'm not at my best with the train bouncing around.

I heard some very disquieting news to-night about the fellows in my company. I can't say what it is but I certainly hope it is just idle gossip. Don't be too surprised if within a month you find a major change in my address, providing no startling events occur before then. I'm basing the above statement on what I heard to-night so if no change takes place you'll know it was gossip not fact.

I'm feeling kinda old to-night dear, for one reason or another. I guess the chief one is that while I was talking to one of the fellows to-night, he glanced over at me and said, "Why Johnny, look at all the gray hairs you have and you're only twenty-three." If you don't mind though, I guess I can put up with it. Shucks, I'm too tired to write more so I'll say good-nite honey and finish this later in the day.

Sunday Eve 9:45

Back again little one. The 1st sgt. was as good as his work so we didn't get up till noon. After chow, I was on a detail to get some hundred off new mattresses in exchange for the ones we have in the litter cars. By the way, Guy Lombardo is now playing 'I Walk Alone.' I really like his music but I wasn't thinking of that right now. The words of that song would make a good theme song for you and me.

To get back to this afternoon, the detail took us just about all afternoon. I got quite a good workout throwing the bundles around.

After supper, I headed for town all alone as all but one of my buddies are restricted for a week. they didn't have their beds made up by eight o'clock as they should have, in fact they were still in them at that time. It's no fun going to town alone, yet it does you good to get out away from the train as much as possible. It's a beautiful moonlight night and I guess I felt much as you do when you do out with your girl friends and get in a good mood. You know how that is. War certainly does make a mess out of people's lives doesn't it. Still, better days are coming which we should be able to appreciate all the more after this.

Here's another little piece from the Stars & Stripes. Fun on the home front: A woman finally found she could get a divorce from her husband because of his flat feet. His feet were in the wrong flat.

It's been almost a week since I heard from you so there isn't much more I can say this time except I hope you are well. Oh yes, here is a request you might fulfill for me. How about a picture of you about the size of the one I sent to you. I'd sure like one if you'd send it. Now sweet dreams, sweetheart and,

All my love,


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