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The ship on which John C. Waller returned to the United States in 1945.

A Christmas card sent by Johnny to Geraldine

Johnny sent this newspaper photo of Buffalo to Geraldine, with handwritten annotations

This newspaper clipping provides an anecdote about soldiers' anxiety about girls back home.

The reverse side of the clipping shows partial excerpts from other news articles, including one titled "Nazis Call Up 10-Year-Olds"

Johnny clipped out this comic from a newspaper, adding a handwritten note: "Will you do this to me?"

This photograph shows Johnny Waller, his army buddies, and a British naval officer. During his time in England, Johnny interacted closely with allies from Britain and other countries, especially while he worked on the hospital trains.

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During his time in England, Johnny collected photographs of his friends and colleagues in his army unit.

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This record includes information about John C. Waller in civilian life and his statistics at enlistment on September 20, 1943.
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