May 12, 1945

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May 12, 1945




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May 12, 1945

Saturday Eve

Dearest Gerrie,

I received to-day, my second letter from you this week. Thanks little one for the two enclosed snaps. Perhaps you've forgotten about them as the letter was written on April 3rd. One is taken with Marge, leaning against a cement wall on the beach; the other is with Marjorie - the two of you on bikes - remember now?

I can see by this picture that the nurses and the rest of us misjudged Margaret's age. I apologize, but that other snap was very misleading. Of the two I prefer your friend Marjorie. You just had a birthday party for her recently as I recall. She looks like a very nice young lady.

You ask for criticism of the two snaps you enclosed. There's not much I can say. You look your usual pretty self, Margaret is in focus and Marj looks O.K. too. If I had taken the pictures - ahem - the one with you & Marge would have been taken holding the camera vertically and closer to the subjects. Also I don't like shots from directly in front all the time and forcing a smile is strictly out! The same applies to the other snap, although I couldn't judge it very well, cut off at your waists like it was. That beats me hon - you girls must have ridden those bikes all through town, so any Tom, Dick, or Harry could see you, yet you are too modest to send a view of yourself - which all these other guys have seen - to me, intact. I can't figure it out. It just occurred to me that maybe you aren't on bikes, but even so that doesn't make much different. Come clean little one. P.S. I think you look as sweet as ever. Oh yes, the nurse says you look very pretty and very happy - (you & Marjorie on bikes)

Well, this will be a short letter to-nite Gerrie for there is no news. I passed the day working on a small snapshot album for the Red Cross girl. They are having a display in London, of things made by patients in hospitals, later it will be permanently put up in Washington, D.C. I'm not much in the mood for the job, however, I figure that I owe her something for all the material she has supplied me for making the items you know about. I expect to have it completed to-morrow. Your little change purse is still not done. All it lacks is a lining. This, I haven't been able to obtain so far. I hope soon I'll be able to complete it.

It's a beautiful evening here again. It's so long since I left the U.S. that it's hard to visualise how an evening there would be. I envy the fellows back home who can walk, talk and dance with all you pretty girls.

Now hon, I will conclude for this evening, hoping you are well and taking good care of yourself for me. Say hello to your mom for me.

Living for the moments I'll be spending hon, with you, I remain always,

With all my love,



P.S. Hope you don't think I was angry about the cut-off snap. I was just teasing you a bit, little one. Love you.






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