May 11, 1945

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May 11, 1945




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May 11, 1945

My darling Gerrie,

Another day hon - it's so warm that I'm almost uncomfortable lying here with only pajamas on and all the windows open. Just like last year, when we were on our way over at this time, it was warm. It wasn't long before the usual limey weather set in though. Enough talk about the weather.

The movie I told you we were going to have yesterday afternoon turned out to be a twenty-minute entertainment by three limeys - two were singers, the other a cartoonist under the sponsorship of the American Red Cross. You know what I think of Lawrence Tibet singing 'Don't Fence Me In,' well this was almost as bad. Wonder if I'm prejudiced - if so, the majority of the fellows are too. Sure hope you change your mind about those travels of yours hon, but don't let me influence you. It's really funny the way my mother feels since she became a U.S. citizen. The oldest southern democrats don't feel any more strongly about the U.S. than she does. She's a real Yankee now, which I hope you will be before long. I've talked to many Canucks since coming over. They discourse long and loud about the limeys, believe it or not. I've gone over all this before so I guess I better shut up - I still the the U.S. with Canada second, is the best country to live in though. How did I ever get on this subject anyhow? What it boils down to is the fact, that I don't want to get home and have you then go off to another part of the globe. Selfish character, aren't I, but it just doesn't seem to fit into the scheme of things. Maybe I'm wrong, anyway I'm not home yet. Perhaps you'll be gone and back before then. Please don't go this year. I have a reason for making this request hon.

There hasn't been much doing here this week - you'll probably say that's not unusual after the newsless letters I've been writing. This condition tends to make us all do more smoking than we otherwise would do. It helps pass the time. The major made me stop the first couple weeks I was in here because of the strep throat, but since then I haven't been restricted since it's been O.K. Time really dragged for that period.

How do you like the song Do You Ever Dream of To-morrow? That fits me to a T and you too, I think. I'm always planning our to-morrow honey. May we soon be able to incorporate our plans into one is my daily prayer. When it is fulfilled and we have our own little home - coming home to you each nite will make me feel like little children do when they see the strange shaped parcels under the tree on Xmas morning - the wonder in their eyes will reflect in mine - wonder that such a lovely, sweet girl is my wife, to have and hold until the last goodbye.

Well hon, I hope you are feeling alright again - please, no more low morale and take special care of my future wife for me till the day when I can, with a happy heart, do the job myself.

All my love to you darling,









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