April 26, 1945

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April 26, 1945




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April 26, 1945

Dearest Geraldine,

Well hon, how's my best and only girl to-day. I hope everything is going O.K. and you're not working too hard.

I noticed in your letter of the seventeenth that you don't want me to waste any time coming to see you after the war is over. Surely you didn't think I would waste any did you? You'll be seeing me not more than a day after I hit Buffalo. I figure on two nites and a day at home and then it will be Sarnia, here I come.

I'm glad that you feel very close to me hon. Knowing that makes things much easier for me. You certainly couldn't be any closer to me unless you were right here. I don't need to add anything about your prayers that we can take up where we left off - for if you're received my epistle of April tenth you should know how I stand. It won't be quite the same this time, however, for no one & nothing is going to come between us again dear. So just pray that our present separation will be soon ended so that we can be to-gether for keeps.

I don't know whether I'll be able to tell you much about your camera. Just what kind have you got now? You see Ger, I only know about 35mm cameras such as mine. The 35mm refers to the size of the film. I've got two of these cameras, the one taking a picture 3/4"x1 1/2" and the other about 3/4" by 1". Of course these are enlarged to regular size. The small negative makes it possible to take more pictures on a reel, either eighteen or thirty-six. I'll be glad to show you how to work both of the,. I'll have to study up a little as I want to get some good pictures of you and of us. My Unc is the one who can tell you about cameras. Say who are we going to get to take us to-gether? I'm thinking of the times we'll be off alone on picnics. It would be nice to have a picture to-gether to remember them by. Guess we'll just have to flag somebody & have them take it. I have an idea I may be able to fix my camera so we can get a snap without help. Time will tell.

Say hon, if I'm the lucky guy you choose, your idea of telling the folks and heading for the nearest parsonage would sure suit me. That way you don't have to be monkeying around with a whole crowd of people.

You can be alone right away and isn't that what a newly married couple wants to be? Yes sir, tear up to the parsonage, be married and then off right away in the car on your honeymoon. That appeals to me. As far as that goes through, as long as it was you I was marrying, I wouldn't care how it was done. Whichever way would make you happiest would be the choice.

Well hon, I'll let you get back to work again now. Let's not argue too much with the accountant or I may have to do some accounting with him. Take it easy little one. Say hi to your mom for me. Hoping you are well, I remain, With all my love,








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