April 22, 1945, #2

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April 22, 1945, #2




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April 22, 1945

Sunday 5 P.M.

Dearest Geraldine,

This is the third day in a row now I've received mail from you. To-day's had been sent to the train and returned here. It was written March 21st. Thanks a million for being so faithful writing honey!

In your letter you say you should be over here to look after me. I only wish you were here or rather I was over there where you could do the job. Even though in the spring a young man's fancy turns to thoughts of love & romance, as you say, you have the right idea in not being very worried. The only way my thoughts turn is toward my pretty little honey, as if you didn't know. You're my first love and my last love as the song puts it.

I enjoyed the clippings you enclosed, especially the one where the soldier is having an apron pinned on by his wife, preparatory to doing the dishes. Don't think you're scaring me a bit though, for helping you will never be tiresome.

Your new hat looks very nice. I don't know where you got the idea the model was prettier than you are. T'ain't so. I'd sure like to see you all decked out in your new suit, etc. I'll bet you look smashing as the limeys say. We ought to go pretty good to-gether, you with your suits and me with my sports clothes for that's about all I ever wear as you know. We'll make a colorful looking couple. That reminds me, I have a pr. of drak green slacks I used to wear with a checkered coat. What a combination! I'm wondering if my clothes will still fit when I get back. The army claims the soldiers will all need new wardrobes when they get discharged.

Darling, I notice you say you don't see how you'll stand waiting another year for me if you have to. Well I know how hard it is for I'm in the same boat you know. Just keep thinking of all the swell times we'll have to-gether when I do get back. I promise you now that I'll make up for all the times we've lost and all the worries you've had to endure little one. I wish you knew Frankie because I'm sure you would help each other. She's worried to death about Watson. When I hear from her it helps me to realize that I'm not the only one separated from the one I love. Much as I wish you and I were already married, I guess it's a good thing we aren't yet, for you'd be worrying yourself sick then I know.

Well dear, there isn't much news as always. I did get a little ride in the wheel chair again. This time to see the dentist about a filling. I noticed it is quite cool outside despite the warm sunshine. It never does get very warm over here anyhow.

It must be about eleven o'clock A.M. where you are now since we're on double summer time. It stays light until almost ten o'clock. I remember last May up in Scotland it was light until just before midnite. It seemed very strange to me.

Now honey, I'll leave you on paper and keep you in my thoughts until to-morrow's epistle. Take care of yourself for me and know that I carry you in my heart always.

All my love ever,








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