April 11, 1945

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April 11, 1945




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April 11, 1945

Dearest Geraldine,

I was reading one of your letters namely, Mar. 14, to-day. Say you had an awful time with that car. I was wondering right at the beginning if you weren't out of gas.

I intended mentioning before what you said about the fortune teller. Whether you believe in them or not, what they say will sometimes make you worry unconsciously, especially when you have no way of checking up on their predictions. I'd like to pop that guy in the nose for those cracks about me, at least if they bothered you at all. Rest assured there is no dark haired or any other color haired girl in this young man's life, except you. It's funny what he said about you marrying an engineer who wouldn't want to get married until he had enough to get along on. The time is off, otherwise it could apply to me for that's exactly how I feel. If you got married in a year, though I can't see how it could possibly be to me. Let that happen and I really will go and pop him one for putting the idea forth.

Honey, I wish you'd tell me what the things are that upset you. In the letter about the fortune teller you mention being upset. If you want to spend a lifetime to-gether, sharing each other's joys & sorrows as much as I do - then there is no better time to start letting old John's shoulder help you out. Remember this.

Yes, I think of you honey, but not just once in a while - you're always on my mind and in my heart. Gee I'll be glad when this mess is over! I believe if I'm in the army two more years (which I hope I'm not) I'll settle down as soon as I get home, although going to school and being married would be rather hard - the living expenses I mean. I guess I'll just have to wait through the first year anyhow, however, I won't like it.

That was a cute thought of yours little one - I mean the picture of the guy fishing. The part I like was what you wrote on the margin. If you really want to, sure you can come along & we'll dig the worms to-gether. I want to see you bait a hook. You won't get a kiss for every fish I catch however, but for every one I don't catch. There'll be probably no hook on my line.

I'm going to try to write you a love letter like you want to-morrow. I hope I make out better than I do with these.

Now take good care of yourself dearest, for me, just an ordinary guy who loves you dearly.

All my love, ever,







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