April 8, 1945

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April 8, 1945




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April 8, 1945

Sunday 5 P.M

Dearest Geraldine,

Another week has passed and here I am still in bed. What a life! I have no hopes of being able to be up and around very soon either if what the nurse told me is so. Nothing like a good rest I guess.

You know honey, I really hated writing the letter I did to you last week, but I had to get you thinking practically. It seems lately that every other letter I received from you would tell about one of your girl friends getting married - reading between the lines I could see that you considered yourself more of less of an old maid of twenty-two, so I offered you the best advice I could get on paper. I hope you didn't think I was trying to give you the 'brush off.' Remember the song, You may not be an angel, but until the day that one comes along, I'll string along with you. Need I say more.

I guess one of these days I'll have to write you the love letters - strictly that you wanted if you still would like one.

Your young married friends who like hunting certainly seem to have a lot in common. I wonder how much we have in common. I'm afraid there is really a wide difference in our likes & dislikes. I'll try to name a few. First I'm crazy about the water & you as I remember, & you stated, aren't very keen about it. You prefer to don a bathing suit & sit around looking pretty. Ahem! You like tailored clothes whereas, I prefer a woman in feminine clothes. You like parties with plenty of people around - I now like to be with a few friends, after being in the army so long - and spend a quiet time. You see they don't match at all so far. I don't believe you like gold, my favourite game, either. Of yes, a little matter of wearing pajamas; I don't agree with you on that at all. I got quite a kick out of your letter mentioning Ruby and her pajamas. It will be a long time before I forget that. I believe you're just an old fashioned girl at heart, but a very dear one.

I agree with you that the fellow you mentioned was rushing things a bit. I shouldn't have thought there was any need for a slip like that, unless he's trying to raise a family to keep out of the army. Surely, they both knew how to get around, or should I say prevent a thing like that happening. I'd say the beginning of their marriage was spoiled now, as I'd want to spend mine having fun to-gether with my wife. Say we finally agree on something.

You know honey, you don't need to wonder if I think your bold mentioning such a subject. After all we're both grown-up now and responsible only to ourselves, besides, that's something everyone talks about. I don't know if I ever told you about sitting in on some classes on obstetrics while I was maintenance man on the hospital train, given by the head nurse. So you see I'm used to hearing plain talk on any subject you can mention. Anyway, I like saying what I mean without beating around the bush.

I'd sure hate to have a wrestling match with you right now. I believe you weigh as much as I do right now and I'm weak as a kitten besides. It's a good job you aren't around here in one of your good moods, although you'd probably make me feel so good I'd be out of bed in no time.

This change of address has certainly messed my mail up: I haven't written many letters so far. There isn't much you can say when you're in bed all day, still I'm going to try to write to you more often even if it's only a V-mail saying I love you honey, and hope you give me a chance to prove it, even though the future doesn't seem so bright and present. You can't tell what will come along to improve the situation. If I'm not careful I'll be having a love letter - strictly - on my hands here.

I've got a couple of swell nurses sweet. The one went to another nurse's birthday party a couple of nights ago. The next morning she brought me in a large piece of the cake. Boy, was it good! I hadn't tasted anything like that since leaving home.

It's a good job you can't drink more than one bottle of beer. Beer adds weight to the legs and tummy. Nothing looks worse to my mind than a woman with fat legs. An awful lot of nurses get that way from being on their feet so much. They say nothing spoils a pretty girl's appearance so much. You better be sure you keep yours in the good shape or you'll be hearing from me when I see you. Any comments?

Sweetheart, I'm going to have to love you and leave you. I'm sorry to have caused you worry through not writing. Will make it up to you when I see you and try to do better. Remember I love you always, even though my letters sometimes get bogged down with low morale. Keep well and take it easy.

All my love,







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