February 2, 1945

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February 2, 1945




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February 2, 1945

Hello Honey,

After sweating it out for ten days I finally received another letter from you. What do you think the date was - November 30th. That one must have come via Canberra and points south. I was pleased to get it though and the snap of you with the roses. You and the flowers made a very pretty picture but you'd look pretty in any setting.

I don't know what ever made you think my mother might be doing war work. She's holding down the home front as always. That is plenty to do too as my niece stays with us and goes to school nearby. You see, my sister works in the daytime so it was necessary to leave Loraine with us. Nancy, the little one, goes to nursery school and my sister picks her up after work each day. This arrangement is the only way she could do it since she has to work. Her home is about four miles from ours but she generally spends at least two nights a week at our house so Toots has plenty to do. I don't think you knew my sister is divorced or did you? She is a stenog for the American Express Co. Back in 42, when she first started working she thought of going into work work but I talked her out of that. I believe it's the only time she ever took my advice. Fortunately, she's glad she did now as through promotions her salary is almost as much as it would be in a war plant, besides which her job is permanent without any of the bad factors pertaining to factory work. I didn't intend to sound off for two pages on my sister, honey, but that's me all over - rambling on and on once I get started.

Just one more point from your letter, namely, why the mater doesn't visit I's more often. You know its quite a little distance up there for one thing. I believe I was only in Sardines three times myself in my car. Secondly, they come down to Fort Erie at least once every six months and it's only a step over to Bflo. from there and last, my aunt Nell in Niagara Falls is her (Mom's) favorite sister, also much closer. I used to take her down there about once a month. You'd like Nell, I know for she just radiates jolliness. I hope you'll be able to meet her some day.

Now to get back to the matters of the moment. At present I'm looking at your picture again. You're certainly a sweet looking young lady & just as sweet as you are looking. I don't suppose that's a very good English sentence however you get the idea don't you. I'd like and want you for my valentine not just for the fourteenth of this month but every day in the year. Do I make myself clear, dear?

We pulled in sometime this afternoon from a run we started on yesterday morning. Until noon to-day I had two hours sleep in forty-eight, however, after chow we were allowed to to hit the hay until to-morrow morning if we wanted to. I knocked off five hours in no time and feel O.K. again. Your letters helped a lot to raise my morale even though it was an old one.

We'll be leaving again to-morrow on another two day run so my next epistle will start on Sunday eve. I wish I could spend it with you in front of your fireplace, or anywhere at all as long as I was with you.

Well sweetheart, it seems like I'm just about stuck for news to-night unless I tell you how sweet you are and I think you know by this time just about what I think of you, not that I get tired of telling you but maybe you get tired of reading it all the time. Still you'll hear much more than I ever write when I see you in person. The censor kinda cramps my style you know. At least, I do mean the little I do tell you darling and much more.

Now hoping you and your folks are well I'm going to say good-nite. Just remember your doughboy is missing you, trusting, respecting and loving you all the time.

All my love,







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