January 30, 1945

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January 30, 1945




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January 30, 1945

Dearest Geraldine,

Well little one, another day here has gone by, one less in the army and one more closer to you. I still haven't heard from you so if this turns out to be more or less of a love letter don't blame me as there is no news to impart. That's the easiest kind of epistle to write to one such as you anyway as your kind is easy to love. Don't think I'm kidding you, I really mean that.

To-day I had a lesson on how to wash dishes, in other words K. P. This is the first time I've had it in almost a year. It isn't particularly hard with this outfit but it's a far cry from helping you with the dishes as I recall doing a few times. The reason I caught it now is that one of the regular K. P.s is in the hospital so we all have to take a turn. I went on at noon to-day and get off at noon to-morrow. The rest of the day I'm free so it really isn't such a bad deal. You've probably heard me mention the 'Unholy Four.' (Paul-717th man, Joe Krieger, Johnny Bauer and me - pick them out in the snap I sent you) At any rate, they helped me out to-nite so I was finished in good time. A couple of new fellows also lent a hand to make labor light. We all pitch in to help one another as that's the only way to do it in the army when you live in such close proximity to one another.

How are you getting along as president of your sorority? I can't image you as being very stern at any time - you're too cute. Still, we never had a real argument so I maybe I don't know, aye what.

You know honey, you're really an inspiration to me or maybe I should say morale builder. I feel about two hundred percent better after receiving a letter from you. I wonder how I'll feel when I see you in person.

I often think of that. You know I never kissed you in front of your parents, but if they're around when I make my first call they will certainly see a change, providing of course that you agree, as I don't intend getting myself in the doghouse again. I've spent too much time in it already due solely to my own stupidity. Perhaps though it has worked out for the best - given us both a chance to look around and realize as you so aptly phrase it - we have something we don't want to lose for anything or anybody.

Now here's another little item from the Stars & Stripes. Repeated by request. A fool is a man who argues about whether a woman has brains or not - a wise man busies himself with the things they have.

Last nite it snowed four or five inches but during the day it warmed up with the result that everything is slushy to-night. It's really warm. The weather over here amazes me - it can go from extreme to the other on such short notice. I wish it would stay one way or the other.

Well sweetheart, I guess I'll sign off for this time, hoping you are well and don't work too hard. Loving you and respecting you more each day, I remain

With all my love,







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