January 24, 1945

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January 24, 1945




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January 24, 1945

Hello Honey,

You gave me a little surprise to-day when I opened the enclosed letter thinking it was for me. You better check next time little one as such mistakes aren't hard to make. I did the same thing myself once. Fortunately, I also received a letter from you which was addressed correctly.

This will be just a short note as I haven't time for more at present. I see that you also attended the midnite church service. Back home I always did that. It was the most beautiful service of the entire year I always thought. It was probably the same type of service as the one you attended. The church was decorated with holly throughout with two large trees near the altar. Lighting was entirely by candles. When I was a senior at Tech, I wrote a Xmas essay on How I Spent Xmas Eve. I write about the church service. It was saved by the head of the English department as the best essay of that year. I attributed this to the beauty of the service, not to the brilliance of my pen. All I did was describe things as they were. I certainly would have enjoyed being there with you. Maybe someday we'll be able to make it together.

Now, Toots, I'll have to admit that I read the letter I am sending back to you. Maybe I shouldn't have but after all I'm only human. Through it I note that you were very fortunate with Xmas gifts. Your prayer book reminds me of the one I bought myself a couple of years ago. I didn't bring it with me because of the scarcity of space. We have barely enough room for necessities.

Well, honey, I have to get back on the ball now so with an extra reminder to be careful with your envelopes I'll sign off hoping to hear from you soon.

As ever with love,


PS You're still sending to wrong address. It should be APO 511.






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