January 19, 1945

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January 19, 1945




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January 19, 1945

Hello Honey,

Well this makes my seventh epistle in so many days just as I said I'd do. You will probably want a rest after all the words I've tossed you in such a short time. The run scheduled for to-day was cancelled however, one of our two day ones is due to-morrow without fail. I imagine that several will come at once now. If you don't hear from me for awhile you'll know that's the reason. This morning was a stormy morn so the captain gave us a lecture on first aid. This was followed by an hour long bull session on what to do with Germany after the war. Some interesting ideas were advanced by the fellows. That is a very important subject by the way, and should be decided on before the war is over. The storm continued through the afternoon so I sat in on a lecture by our head nurse. Her original subject was to give the medics pointers in changing dressings. After she finished she, at the request of the fellows, went into a discussion of obstetrics. It was very interesting to us all. There will be further discussion at a later date. I spent this evening working on a couple of cards for the guys and that brings me up-to-date. Now Ger this may be a small letter but it brings just as much love to you from







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