December 20, 1944

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December 20, 1944




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December 20, 1944

Dearest Geraldine,

Well little one, how are you? As usual when I write someone asking why they haven't written, I get a litter the nest day. I had an idea when I wrote yesterday that I'd heard from you today. Yours of the 21 & 25 arrived. I didn't yet receive the letter you mention but I'll be darned (that's darn) if I can see what you're worrying about. Regardless of what the epistle says you know how you rate with me. I've got an idea what you said anyway and as I told you Toot before, we'll be friends always regardless. Well I guess there's not too much sense in my telling you what I think you said so I'll let it go until I receive it (the letter). I notice you're glad I brought the subject up and so am I as there was sort of a barrier in our letters before and now I figure we'll understand one another better. You perhaps think my endings in some of my letters a little nuts but when I say 'stay as sweet as you are' I mean just that.

You know, I write under a little handicap in as much as all these letters are censored by my C.O. Some fun, aye, Toots!

By the way, if you ever get me under the mistletoe there won't be any perhaps about it. It will be you who will have to watch out as I'm going to wear a piece in my hat. While I think of it, you better get better hours for writing. Beauty needs sleep you know. You and my mother are two for a pair.

As far as my activities are concerned there is nothing to report except that things have slacked off the last week. I don't imagine it will be a very long reprieve. I know we'll be off again to-morrow sometime. I hope no runs will come up over New Years as the fellows have a party planned. we'll all be there including our officers to try to help bring the New Year in. They're bringing some Wrens (British Waves) along to help us. I'll let you know what kind of character I get stuck with. At least it will help us forget the blues which we no doubt would have if left with our own thoughts.

I got weighed one day last week and I'll have you know that I am no longer what you termed in one letter 'much fatter'. I came down from 150 in August to 132 lbs. Quite a difference, isn't it. The major is always telling me I'm too thin. There's nothing to be done about it I guess as I just don't seem to gain anymore.

Your antique collection must be something new as I don't remember your having a liking for that stuff. I've seen plenty of them over here in various places but all inanimate. I did some cussin' one day when I was trying to find something and all I saw for sale was antiques. Still everyone to his liking as the old woman said when she kissed her cow.

Now I'm going to sign off wishing you a very Happy New Year. Let's hope there'll be more men around to take you girls at home out during the new year. It seems like they all have six or seven apiece over here. Lend-lease I suppose you call it. Lots of luck in your sorority activities, president. Yours till Niagara Falls, Canuck.







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