December 2, 1944

Dublin Core


December 2, 1944


In this letter, Johnny comments on body image and describes some of his activities.




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Dec. 2, 1944

Dear Gerry,

I knocked off a VMail to you last nite but I received your letter of Nov. 6 today so thought I might as well acknowledge it now while I've got a spare moment. You'll note I have a new A.P.O now so you can change my address again. Fun ain't it?

I don't see why you worry about being short, as you call it. There are plenty of people smaller than you. Besides, wouldn't you rather be small and cute rather than tall and homely? We're on our way again so you'll have to excuse my writing. It's a fair day at present but plenty chilly. I imagine it will be about five hours before we reach our pickup point so I'll have time to rest up a bit. This will be an all nite session again as most of our runs lately seem to be. I don't do much window gazing anymore, we've seen so much country that there is nothing new to see. I did see some snow yesterday though when we were pulling through a valley near some large hills or maybe they call them mts. I wouldn't have wanted to climb them anyway. Here's a little 'pome' I just saw in the Stars & Stripes: Found a little rabbit, called him Jim, Got 18 more, Her weren't no him. There is generally a goofy rhyme in every edition. I'm out of room I see, so you will excuse me for now. Don't work too hard & stay well.

Best wishes for Xmas & love, Johnny






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