December 1, 1944

Dublin Core


December 1, 1944


This letter captures Johnny's love of music. He mentions Harry James and Guy Lombardo and two songs he listens to while writing.




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Dec. 1, 1944

Dearest Geraldine,

Apparently my mail is taking the long was around again, at least I haven't had any for two weeks. We've been busy as bees lately. We never know when we go to bed where we'll wake up as we've been pulling out on runs in the middle of the nite lately. We've had seven runs in the last six days—one was on all nite affair. They are the kind that tire you out. I'm sitting now all alone in a ward car listening to records I'm selecting and playing through the radio. At present I'm listening to Harry James playing 'When You're A Long, Long Way From Home.' Very appropriate, don't you think. I've found that the first year in the army is the hardest. After that you just coast along and take what comes. There's nothing new to bother you. I imagine you'll receive this letter about Xmas time, so I hope you have a very happy one. Don't eat too much though—you musn't forget your girlish figure you know. My sister is on a permanent diet. My how women suffer! Tsk, tsk! Well, Guy, my favorite, Lombardo is playing 'Goodnite Sweetheart' now so, I'll confess hoping you are well and don't work too hard.

Cheerio, Johnny


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