November 10, 1944

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November 10, 1944


In this letter, Johnny remarks that he's been released from the hospital, and went on a hike in the hills of England.




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November 10, 1944

Dear Geraldine,

Well toots this probably won't be much of a letter but I'm in the mood news or no news. I've just finished a letter to a friend of my mothers whose boy, a pal of mine, is over here too. She hasn't been hearing from him much so I thought a letter from old Wall might help a little. We look somewhat alike except that he's an inch or so taller plus a few pounds heavier. I, by the way, have lost quite a little weight. The major told me this morning that I could stand ten pounds easily. I replied that feeling well was more important than being robust. I could stand some pounds though, I know.

Interesting letter don't you think, but I warned you that I had no news. I forgot to mention that I was released from the hospital two days ago in the late afternoon. Aside from being low on stamina I'm in pretty good shape.

I took a walk into town last night with one of the sergeants and nearly 'pooped' myself going up these doggone hills. I didn't realize my legs were so weak. To make a long story short, we spent an enjoyable two hours up in Mabel's room. That by the way is the name of the picture we saw. I didn't capitalize it as you notice. Poor joke, I guess.

Coming back, we bought a train ticket for two pence to save walking. It was a four minute ride but well worth the price to escape the chill winds that blow down from these hills.

I wish I could take you for a walk up one of these hills. You get a wonderful view from the top and the hike up is fun too.

Pardon me if I digress for a minute but every time I look at the snap of you leaning against a log, you look prettier. Someone is going to be mighty lucky some day and I don't mean maybe & don't tell me I'm nuts.

One of the fellows on the train has a camera so I may be able to send you an up-to-date snap sometime soon. We have a place where we can develop pictures so I'm hoping to get in a little darkroom work. The first developing I ever did was in Ft. Wayne and it made a big hit with me although my results weren't exactly professional.

This morning, the hills were white with frost. It remained very cool all day with a thin ice film over any stray puddles of water. We'll soon be putting on long johns if this keeps up.

You know, I could gab on and on to-night but I guess I better hit the bunk instead. You better watch out for my letters when I once get your answer to that little question no matter which way you answer it.

Now, I'll say good nite to my favorite correspondent. Don't work too hard. Hoping to hear from you soon, I still remain,

As ever,


P.S. Is this how you got your job in the bank. heh heh!






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