November 8, 1944

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November 8, 1944


In this letter, Johnny writes about his relationship with Geraldine, and implies that they were once in a closer relationship. He admits that he has no right to ask, but says that he wants to return to romance.




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November 8, 1944

Dear Geraldine,

Well, I'm still in the doggone hospital and don't know when I'll get out. It seems there is a record of your case which has to pass two different boards before you are released, at least that's the way I understand it. Still I'm enjoying the rest, so I'm not kickin'.

Boy, you women certainly amaze me. You see, I've received two letters from you to-day, the one with six snaps of you included. Now they were all sufficient to knock the eye out of any GI Joe and yet you term them "these awful pictures." A collosal piece of prevarication if I ever heard one. I guess I know how to pick em even six years ago. At least I think so in your case and am not alone in the opinion either. I wish I had some as good to send you but as far as my pictures go I never apologize because after all a camera can only record what the lens sees. Get me!

Well, I'm going to try to answer your letters point for point although it's rather difficult. You ask a question and by the time I get your letter and you get my reply about three months pass.

To start, don't ever worry about writing too much as you could never do that. Letters mean morale over here. You should see the way the mailman is mobbed and the look on a Joe's face when he gets a bundle of letters after waiting six, eight or more weeks.

By the way, your letters were from Sept. 3 and Oct. 2. Hope you enjoyed your holidays.

I'm a PFC alright however it's nothing new. I've held that same rank since last March. I could add a few words about that line but that's a long story so I won't go into it here. You certainly aren't going to get much news out of this epistle. I hope I'll be more 'newsy' next time.

I can't think of anything you could send me. My buddy in the next bed just suggested that you send a lock of your hair. Not a bad idea if it's not too sentimental for us. I hardly know what to say but maybe you will when you finish reading this.

Say, never apologize about remembering old times. We Joes always talk over the good times we've had and what we'll do when we get home again. What else is there to talk about?

Now I'm going to refer to your letter of Sept 12 which is so old you've probably forgotten what it was about. If so just skip over the next two pages. It seems you had received my letter in which I had spoken of weiner roasts, dancing out on the lake shore etc. and if I remember correctly, I said that it was too bad you didn't live closer to Buffalo at that time – and it was. You go on to say that if I don't visit you after the war you'll be disappointed and that I probably have a few young ladies waiting in Buffalo for me and therefore would not have time to see you. Well, you lady, I'm free, white and twenty-three with no entangling alliances. When I get back I start from scratch. You see, I figure a guy has no right to ask a girl to wait for him when he's in the army, unless he's engaged or some extraordinary circumstances. Now this may seem irrelevant – maybe it is but I'm having a hard time writing this so bear with me please.

Now then, the reason why I bring up the following paragraphs is because of your conclusion in your letter of Sept. 13. I know you've forgotten what it was and maybe didn't mean anything by it anyway. To refresh your memory, you mentioned six years, remember – that's when I was your beau. Here's the point I've been trying to bring out and I leave it up to you. I'm the same now as then myself (i.e. consider you the nicest girl I've ever known) and I'd like to carry on where I left off yet I know I don't have the right to after the dumb way I acted.

That's why I never express myself other than impersonally in these letters (no love, no nothin). I'd like to but don't know what you'd think. Well, Jerry, there's the whole thing in a nut shell. Remember, if this doesn't interest you just ignore it in your letter. Just mention receiving my epistle of Nov. 8 and let it go.

At any rate, regardless of your answer, I'll continue writing as often as I can and will make it a point to pay you a visit when I get back even if you're married. Give the old man the once over, you know. If you're free, I warn you to prepare yourself for a long, long talk.

Well, Geraldine, I guess that ends my thoughts for to-day. I hope you are well. Don't work too hard and until I know your answer and I'm not too optimistic, I'll sign off merely,

As ever,


P.S. If I ever get out of here & get payed I've like to send you something for Xmas. I hope you won't mind. Note new address if you didn't get it from my other letter. Thank you!






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