January 14, 1945

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January 14, 1945


Johnny wrote this letter during a run on the hospital train.




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January 14, 1945

Sunday Eve.

2100 (9 o'clock)

Dearest Jerry,

I don't know how far I'll get with this but as you so aptly put it, I feel like having a talk with you to-night. I'll warn you now that my writing may be hard to read as we're on another run. At present we are stopped so everything is O.K. so far.

You know Ger, the more I look at that last snap you send me taken with your two girl friends, the more I like it. I know I told you before but you look so darned sweet I'm telling you again—and day that lock of yours is really scenting my wallet up. I get stopped at least twice every day by one or other of the fellows so they can take a smell. Thanks again, little one! You know you really have beautiful hair. I remember how a wisp of it used to get down and tickle my nose once in awhile. Do you remember that, president?

I'll tell you what one of the Joes said about you last nite while I was holding down the office. He said you were a very feminine looking woman. I don't know how you take that but it's a compliment, I'd say. He belongs to an agricultural co-operative back in the States. The ideal woman in his mind is a hefty type who can do a days chores on the farm without having a relapse.

This afternoon I spent a couple of hours making a pal of mine a birthday card for his gal. I made one last night which didn't measure up to the mark so he got after me again to-day. Don't be surprised if you receive a sample of my handiwork one of these days. The trouble is when the other fellows see one they immediately decide that there are no suitable cards available over here and I have another job. One of my buddies wants a card to celebrate his girl friend's sister having a baby girl. The 1st sgt. wants one for his wedding anniversary while the number that want valentines is almost unlimited. Don't get the idea that they're (the cards) that good; it's just a novelty to them I knock them off on a Vmail form.

By the way, just when is your birthday? Don't forget to tell me.

We're starting to roll again so here's where my handwriting changes. Here's another little item out of the Stars & Stripes. A soldier in Belgium who had been sweating out news of a prospective new arrival in his family received a cable from his spouse. 'Twins arrived this week. More by mail.' He promptly cabled back, 'Overjoyed regarding twins. If more arrive by mail, refuse them.' I don't blame him, do you.

As far as this run we're on now is concerned it's an easy one for most of us—so far. We only have one car loaded, thus there are just two fellows working. We unload sometime in the wee small hours then move on to another spot, lay over till morning, load up full and return to our stall. We'll be able to get in a full night's sleep.

We got our contact printer now so it shouldn't be long before we can start turning out snaps. The box isn't quite finished yet. It has to be wired for the bulb, also for a dark light. (That's a red lite—the red causes no reaction on the exposed film.)

Boy, I sure wish I was with you to-night! Looking at your picture cheers me up and makes me long for home at the same time if you can imagine such a thing. Believe me, if you haven't changed your mind by the time I get home we're really going to have a time. At least to the best of my ability and I hope it's as good as your sailor friends showed you. It will be in the old Waller way, through not naval style. You'll have a hard time trying to lose me so you can now consider yourself forewarned. I won't say more now as I figure it's better to wait and see how things turn out.

Well sweet, here's where I hit the old sack. I've been just about an hour talking to you—could say more but I'd better give your eyes a rest. Take it easy now & give my regards to your folks. Goodnite little president!

All my love,


P.S. I'm still trying to figure out how you got your job. You say you got it the way I mentioned & I've forgotten what way that was unless it was through the boss's son. Heh, heh!






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